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Dave Ruslander  started writing poetry at the young age of fifty. He is a computer engineer by day, and a poet and author by night. Mind Caviar premiered this promising writer in our Anniversary Issue, 2001. Dave has since been published in Mi Poesias, Melic Review, Green Tricycle, HorseThiefs Journal, Niederngasse, Free Verse Poetry Journal and many others.

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Blue Smoke

She stood with her neck craned looking deeply at the lump of clay. "The horse is in here", she said to no one, "I just have to bring it out". Blue smoke from her cigarette curled around her head as she drew in deeply. The room had a cool dampness about it, and smelled like art class.

"You have to tease the horse out", I said, wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her neck. She swirled around like smoke and clung to me, holding my face in her muddy hands. Gleam in her eyes, flashing her pearls up at me, I felt the horse stir. My thumbs pressed against her nipples jutting out under her shirt; we kissed.

I felt the coolness of her clay-covered hands molding me as I unbuttoned her pants. Her nostrils flared; she whickered, eyes wide as I laid her back on the clay slab and rode her away. Her heels clung to my back like a broncobuster's spurs as she reined me in to passage, moving up and down in one spot until, like a stallion, my back arched and my head reared high. 

"Whoa boy, easy, come back down here," she said. 

Copyright © 2001 Dave Ruslander. All rights reserved. 

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