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Stacy Reed  is a celebrity writer at Custom Erotica Source where you may hire her to create your own custom fantasy erotica. She has contributed stories to Dare and The Oy of Sex as well as Herotica 3, 4, and 5. Her essays on sexuality have appeared in First Person Sexual and Whores and Other Feminists.

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The Birthday Girl

Tom stepped into the cool hush of the Labrador and looked around for Evie. Candlelight flickered behind elegant Japanese screens placed strategically among the booths and chairs. He saw only silhouettes and waiters hurrying among the screens. She must be here somewhere, he thought. 

He made his way to the bar and ordered a beer. After his eyes adjusted to the low light, they focused on a screen decorated with a dragon charging out of clouds. Beside it a black leather coat hung on a graceful brass rack. He was amazed that he hadn't noticed it the moment he walked in the bar. It was the present he'd given Evie for Valentine's Day.

Tom grabbed his bottle of beer and strode toward the painted screen. Evie took his breath away. She was wearing a red silk dress that hugged every curve of her phenomenal body. "You look amazing," he said, sitting down close beside her. He fastened a gold chain around her neck. "Happy birthday, angel!"

Evie's hands flew up to her throat. "My God!" she exclaimed, fingering the cool pendant resting heavily against her skin. "What is this?"

"I''ll give you a hint," he said. "It complements your dress."

She rummaged though her purse, found a compact, and tilted it toward her neck. The ruby's reflection sparkled in the mirror.

"Oh, it's beautiful. Thank you," Evie said as she snapped shut the compact. She sipped a glass of merlot the exact color of the lustrous gem, just a shade darker than her revealing red dress.

Tom placed his strong hand on her thigh. "Is it good?" he asked. He stroked her gorgeous leg and felt his cock grow stiff as her knees parted provocatively.

"Superb," she answered, then gestured to the bottle. "But guess what? I didn't order that."

He shrugged. "You're a knock-out. I'm not surprised you have an admirer." He tried to look around, but the translucent screen they were seated behind blocked most of the bar from view. "Where is he?"

Evie lowered her eyes and corrected him. "She."

"Oh really?"

"This woman stopped me as I was walking inside," Evie began. "She told me that she loved my dress and ran her fingers down the back seam. I think she grazed my ass when she drew away her hand." Even by candlelight, Tom could see that she was blushing. "Then the waiter brought this bottle of wine. He said a woman sent it." She poured another glass. "It must have been that lady."

He imagined a strange woman fondling Evie and felt his dick get even harder. "Why not have her over for a glass of wine? It's only polite."

"You can''t be serious!" she protested. "We don''t even know her."

"You can't ignore such a kind gesture. The least we could do is ask the waiter to invite her over to share the bottle."

"Just one drink," Evie insisted.

Tom squeezed her thigh. "Only one."

He gestured to the waiter. "Remember the lady who sent this wine? Would you mind inviting her to join us?"

"Certainly, sir," said the waiter. "Is there anything else I could do for you?"

"Bring another glass," Evie said nervously. 

Tom caught him glancing furtively down the plunging neckline of her tiny dress. "That will be all," he said pointedly, and the waiter disappeared among the screens.

Evie shifted restlessly. "I'm not sure about this."

"Aren't you flattered?" he asked, moving his hand to the inside of her thigh. "You have to admit you're curious."


The waiter returned with the wineglass looking as if he had tried to avert his gaze from Evie's tantalizing cleavage. Tom rolled his eyes and waited for him to leave. Once the waiter was gone, he lifted her dress and placed his hand on her warm skin. He adored the feel of her, the promise of her slightly spread thighs. He thought of watching another woman open Evie's supple legs wide and lick her pussy. "What does she look like?" he asked.

"Clear blue eyes, pale blonde hair." 

"Do you think she's attractive?"

Evie looked at the table and giggled. "I have to admit she's striking." The flickering light played across her fine features and shone in her hair. Tom had never seen her so radiant. 

His eyebrows arched and a smile played mischievously across his lips. "Did you get turned on when she touched you?" Evie blushed and said nothing. "I know a way to find out," he whispered and pushed her dress up further. The sheer lace of her panties felt wet beneath his fingers. He deftly pulled it aside. Tom slid a finger between her lips, and Evie's breath caught as he began stroking her.

"I thought maybe you liked her," he said as he played with her beneath the white linen tablecloth, behind the Japanese screen. Tom didn't stop even when he saw a captivating blonde hang her purse on the coat rack.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," she said, taking a seat next to Evie. "I'm not interrupting, am I?"

Evie struggled to maintain her composure as Tom gently massaged her swollen clit. "Won't you have a drink?"

She poured a glass, then leveled her piercing gaze at Evie. "You look devastating, but I've wanted to take this dress off you since you walked in the door." The stranger fingered the fabric over her ample breasts and she shuddered. "Does she never where a bra?"

"Rarely," Tom replied. 

"She's irresistible," said the woman as she pinched her hard nipples. "You don't mind, do you?" 

"Not as long as I can watch." He had always imagined his lover with another woman, and the sight of her luscious tits in this beautiful blonde''s hands drove him mad. He wanted to watch her kiss them, to see her tongue tease Evie's clitoris as his fingers did now. 

She quickly withdrew her nimble hands and innocently poured a glass of Merlot when she saw the waiter. "We don't need anything," she told him. He looked disappointed, but nodded politely and left the three alone.

"Why don't we go across the street? We could get a room," she suggested. "These screens don't afford much privacy." The alluring stranger whispered to Evie, "I can't wait to see that exquisite dress on the floor." She excused herself and headed to the ladies' room.

"What do you think?" Tom asked.

Evie squirmed away from his probing hand and pulled her dress down. "She's very pretty, butů I just don't know what I want. I've never done anything like this."

"She wants you," he said. "She wants to suck your nipples, to lick your pussy." His raging erection strained against his slacks. 

"The idea does get me hot," she admitted.

"Just one night. I've always wanted to watch you with another woman."

"I know," she said uncertainly. Evie placed her delicate hand on Tom's magnificent dick and rubbed it through his pants. Her familiar touch was intoxicating. She could make me come right here, he thought. "What do you want, baby? It's your birthday."

The woman suddenly slipped into the seat beside her. "Shall we?"

Evie leaned into his ear and whispered, "One night only?"

"I promise." 

The blonde stood, slung her purse over her shoulder, and handed Evie her coat. Tom could see that she had her reservations, but she was definitely up for the adventure. As the women walked through the bar in front of him, he couldn't take his eyes off them. Two perfect asses lured him onto the busy sidewalk.

They crossed the street and entered the opulent hotel. Tom felt at ease among the carefully selected antiques and rare orchids. A grand piano commanded the center of the lobby. The women sat gingerly on an ornately carved sofa while Tom asked for a room.

An attendant escorted them to the fifth floor and unlocked their door. They walked into a spacious suite. From the balcony Tom could see the Labrador''s windows glowing in the dark street. 

Evie joined him at the glass doors. "This room is fabulous!"

"I thought you'd like it," said the blonde woman. She stepped out of her stiletto heels and sat on the edge of the bed. "Come here," she called to Evie. "What do you think of the linens?" she asked and folded down the embroidered covers to reveal pristine satin sheets. 

Evie unbuttoned her coat, kicked off her Italian pumps, and slid onto the king-sized bed. The woman kissed her hungrily and nearly ripped the dress she so admired in her haste. "You're astonishing," she said when she saw Evie's firm breasts and her neatly trimmed pussy. She cupped a fleshy globe in each hand and began gently twisting her rising nipples. 

Tom unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it over a full-length swinging mirror in a teak frame. He settled into a deep leather chair to watch as this stranger pleasured a woman with whom he was so intimate. His cock grew so rigid it touched his stomach. "Suck her tits," he commanded.

The blonde eagerly complied. She lowered her head and took an erect nipple between her sensual lips while she rolled the other between her fingers. Tom watched her tongue dart over Evie's nipple and circle her flushed aureole. She sucked on it slowly before finally moving to the other. After Evie began moaning, he said, "Now I want to watch you go down."

The woman eased Evie's soaked panties down her smooth legs and pushed her knees far apart. "Do you have a good view?"

He'd never seen anything like it. "Gorgeous."

She spread Evie''s slippery lips to reveal her engorged clit. The blonde began licking her, all the time holding her open to Tom's scrutiny. He could see she was so excited that her asshole was slicked with cream. Her hips bucked insistently every time the woman's fingers dipped inside her tight vagina. "Do you want me to let her come?" Tom felt the blood pounding in his cock. "Definitely." She skated her tongue across Evie's clit a few delicious moments, then fastened her lips around it and sucked. Her fingers moved in and out of Evie's pussy faster and faster. Every time she pressed against her G-spot, Evie groaned a little louder. Tom watched her entire body tense as she pressed her cunt into the woman's mouth and pushed frantically against her fingers. He couldn't help admire this intriguing lady. She certainly knows what she's doing.

After the last spasm had racked Evie's body, the woman sat up and lifted her dress over her head. Tom wasn't surprised that she wore no bra or panties. She straddled Evie's face and leaned back against the hand-painted headboard so that he could watch them. Her blonde pussy hovered only inches above her lips. "See how wet you've made me?" she asked. 

Evie reached out her tongue hesitantly. She licked the blonde's clitoris timidly at first, but once she started to moan, Evie began flicking it relentlessly. The woman reached up and squeezed each of her light pink nipples until they were as hard as Tom's dick. When Evie's fingers pushed inside, her face registered only bliss. She groaned and clutched at the headboard while Evie lapped persistently at her distended clit. 

After the last waves of orgasm had rolled through her, she crawled onto the rumpled sheets and faced Tom. "Thank you for being so generous."

"Thanks for letting me watch."

Evie sat up next to the blonde from the Labrador. "Maybe there''s something I'd like to see. You know," she said conspiratorially, "he loves getting sucked." 

The blonde slid out of the bed, fell to her knees between Tom's muscular thighs, and unzipped his trousers. She eased his briefs over his hard-on. After he'd pulled them off she took his throbbing erection in her small hands. She cradled his balls lightly with one and grasped the thick base of his penis with the other. The woman he'd met only hours before wrapped her soft lips around his prick as if she'd known him for years. Tom couldn't help thrusting when she stimulated the tender skin just behind the head and slid her lips up and down the shaft. 

Evie walked across the white wool carpet. She kneeled beside the overstuffed chair and lifted the woman's long hair. Tom fondled Evie's splendid tits while she watched her suck him. Her eyes never left the blonde's tireless lips. 

"Now do you see why I like to watch you?" he asked, leaning over to kiss her. His tongue explored her mouth in time with the tongue lapping at his dick. 

He loved having Evie's body completely accessible while his prick plunged in and out of another woman's mouth. "Stand up," he told her. He slid his fingers between her slippery lips and stroked her trembling clitoris. She braced herself against the arms of the chair as he leaned into her pussy, started licking, and slid a finger up her tight asshole. He knew she couldn't resist having her sensitive ass and her clit stimulated at the same time, and within seconds he could feel her powerful muscles constricting around his finger as her lips quivered against his mouth. As she came she begged him, "Oh please, fuck me up the ass."

Tom didn't mind exchanging this exceptional woman's attentive mouth for Evie's snug asshole. She sucked fervently, swirled her skillful tongue around the head, and then placed a hand between Evie's legs. She smeared her come all over his dick until it glistened. She positioned Evie in front of her so that her back was toward Tom, took his slick cock, and guided it between her round cheeks. Evie balanced herself on the arms of the chair to keep her behind poised over Tom's erection. 

When only the tip had penetrated her, the blonde started licking the shaft. She dragged her agile tongue down it leisurely, licked his taught balls, and worked her way back up. While she lapped at Tom's cock, she massaged Evie's clit with her fingers until come trickled over her asshole. With such expert assistance, his prick slid in easily. 

Once he was completely inside, Tom resisted the strong urge to begin thrusting. Instead he spread Evie's labia and began quickly gliding his fingertips over her clit. The blonde lady's tongue snaked out and slipped into her open vagina. When he lifted his hands to caress Evie''s erect nipples, the woman''s tongue homed in on her clitoris. Tom peered over her breasts and followed the graceful curve of her stomach, but glimpsed only the crown of the stranger''s head nuzzled against Evie's short tufts. The sight hypnotized him. I have to see more, he thought.

"Wait a minute," he said and worked his fingers between the blonde''s lips and Evie's cunt. She whimpered against his throat and pushed into his palm. He gestured to the mirror with his free hand. "Toss my shirt on the bed." 

The blonde did as he said. "Better?"

He again slid his fingers rapidly over her clit, and within seconds she began gliding up and down his shaft. He could see her face, gorgeous with abandon. He took in her full breasts, her tensing thighs. Evie looked glorious, but he longed to see his cock driving into her. More than that, he wanted to watch this woman help. 

"Angle it away from the bed a little," he said. She moved it half a foot. "Perfect!"

She returned, kneeled before the chair, and moved his hand. "Allow me," she said and began exploring Evie's every crevice and fold. Tom held her hips steady and watched himself fuck her asshole while the woman from the bar licked her clit. She shoved three long fingers inside Evie's demanding pussy and reamed her in rhythm with his grinding dick. 

"Harder," she cried and slapped his thigh emphatically.

He rammed his prick into her deeper as her moans grew louder. The blonde sunk her slender fingers into her pussy up to the knuckles. Tom managed not to jostle Evie too much, and the woman was able to hold her labia open and carefully suck her tender clitoris. He pinched Evie's nipples and watched her ecstatic face in the mirror as she came. Her contracting muscles drove him over the edge. Tom pushed into her and groaned as her ass clenched around his twitching cock. 

He pulled out of Evie slowly, sat her gently on the broad arm of the leather chair, and kissed the lady from the bar for the first time. He savored the taste of his lover's come on her lips. "This was a very good idea," he told her.

She stood and pulled her dress over her head. "It was. I had a wonderful evening," she said, stepping into her heels. "You know, I don't know your names."

Evie hesitated, then told her.

"Well, then. Goodbye, Evie. And thank you, Tom." She picked up her purse and pulled the door shut behind her without telling them her name. 

He stroked her breasts as they listened to the mysterious woman's footsteps fall down the hall. "You looked gorgeous when she sucked your clit."

Evie stretched in his arms. "You looked pretty good licking it while she sucked you."

"She was amazing," Tom confessed, "but I couldn't come in her mouth." 

"But you always get off when I do it."

"Your blow-jobs are unparalleled. That's why I had to fuck you."

She kissed him and said, "I didn't mind at all." 

"Good," he said and continued playing with her nipples. He was easing a hand between her thighs when a knock came at the door. Evie threw on her dress. "Who is it?"

"Room service."

Tom wrapped the sheets around his waist and opened the door. A hotel attendant offered him a bottle of wine and said, "A lady who just left the hotel requested that our best wine be delivered to your room. She didn't say her name."

"It doesn't matter," he said, handing the gift to Evie. "I know who sent this. We're very well-acquainted."

Copyright © 2001 Stacy Reed. All rights reserved. 

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