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Joe publishes his short erotic fiction on his website bisexualadventures.com along with sexy photos of himself and his male and female friends in a format he calls "the world's only amateur bisexual male website." It's partly a pay site and also has some nice free areas. The following story is a well-written, sexy and true tale about Joe's first bisexual adventure. Enjoy!

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From Guilt to Glory

We had all been sitting around the dorm room, bored and stoned, when someone suggested we go check out the adult bookstore. Laughing and giggling like the freshmen college students we were, the four of us poured into the bookstore and began perusing the library of smut we found there. I noticed the clerk giving us the hairy eyeball, so I figured he expected us to actually spend some coin instead of gawking. You'd think he had never seen college kids before. 

Anyway, I decided I would go in the back and check out the porno booths. I had done this before. You go into a room about the size of a small closet, drop some quarters in a coin box on the wall and got to watch a few minutes of a grainy, 8mm porn flick. As is usually the case, being stoned had also brought on a monumental case of horniness. We were all way too socially inept to get laid, so I decided I would go ahead and jack off in the booth. I had actually already made this decision on the way to the bookstore, truth be told. 

Cock in one hand and my last few quarters in the other, I was really enjoying myself when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. At about hip level, there was a hole in the wall through to the next booth over. The guy in the next booth was waggling a finger through the hole. I immediately flashed on a story I had read in Penthouse or someplace. This is what guys did when they wanted you to stick your cock through for a blowjob. 

I'm not breaking any new philosophical ground when I point out that life is made up of hundreds of forks. Opportunities are missed and made. One path leads one way, and another will take you into a completely opposite direction. I don't suppose any of that crossed my mind as I stood there stroking my cock and looking at the finger waggling through the hole in the wall. What did cross my mind was how horny I was, and that my friends were all outside in the magazine area and would never know. I don't know how long I considered the idea, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't long. I slid my cock into that hole in the wall and into a soft, wet mouth and took my first few steps on a path that I didn't even know existed until a few moments before. 

The reefer had a death grip on my senses, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. It was, after all, only the second blow job of my entire life. I barely noticed the rhythmic banging as my left leg kept banging against the wall. I would hear that regular drumming from time to time over the next few years and would smile in recognition. Knowing that it was caused by a guy who was too tall, having to slightly bend his knees and thrust his crotch forward in order to get his cock through the hole. The leg muscles would begin twitching, protesting this odd position in which to have an orgasm. 

It wasn't too long before I blasted my through-the-wall orgasm-- even before my quarters ran out. I hadn't even gotten completely zipped up, before I realized what I had done. I fled the booth, muttered something about needing to leave and dragged my friends out the door. I'm not sure if they noticed anything odd about my behavior that evening. I do know that I spent the next few days constantly smoking dope and obsessing about my behavior in the bookstore. "I was really fucked up", I kept thinking to myself. 

In Indiana you are not allowed to have men suck your cock. It is something that is Just Not Done. There was another thought that was even more disturbing, and I kept pushing it away - I had enjoyed it. A lot. 

I don't remember when my second encounter with a glory hole occurred. It was probably several months later when the guilt and strange feelings had subsided. I do know that I was nervous and would be each and every time for months to come. I was, however, hooked. It was erotic and naughty and thrilling-- and completely irresistible. To go into a darkened booth and wait with anticipation to see if the guy in the next booth was going to give you the sign. Sometimes he (it was always a he) would just watch me masturbate no matter how much I waved my cock around in front of the hole. Sometimes he would just sit in a chair and jack off. Sometimes I watched, too. 

By then I had discovered the term, "bisexual". The university library had several books on the subject and I would guiltily sneak them into a corner carrel and read about other perverts like me. I already knew that, even though it had a different name, it was still unacceptable. To the rest of the world, there was no such thing as bisexuality. You were either regular or a faggot. That was OK with me. I had been a little odd all my life. Never really fit in with any one group. The nerds thought I was odd because I got high with the heads who thought I was odd for taking physics and playing basketball with the jocks. So what if I had one more thing to make me odd? 

I honestly wasn't really sure if I could lay claim to the title "bisexual" anyway. I mean, all I did was get my dick sucked by some unknown person on the other side of a wall. It's not like I was kissing guys and dancing with them. I was happy to just stop by any of my favorite bookstores for an occasional relief. I would follow the prescribed etiquette of the whole thing: park in back, enter through the back entrance, walk slowly to a booth that I knew had a glory hole in it, and wait. 

Then one day, the path forked again. I dropped by my favorite place. It was a quiet afternoon. I chose a booth, stuck some quarters in and dropped my pants. Shortly, I heard the door to the next booth open and I smiled. "Great", I thought, " I'm really horny and in need of a good blowjob." I was stroking my cock slowly and waiting for him to signal me. Right about then, I got a big surprise. A nice, big cock came sliding through the hole into my booth. Nice - hell it was gorgeous. Perfectly formed and pink, not too big. A shiny purple head looking like a piece of fruit. I flashed back to the day of my first glory hole blowjob. Some of the same thoughts raced through my mind. Once again I don't know how long I considered it but I don't think it took long. I slid the chair over, sat down and put a man's cock into my mouth for the first time. This time, however, there were no uncomfortable thoughts crowding my mind. If this was what it meant to be bi, then I was bi. 

The cock had that salty flavor that only cocks have - you never taste that taste anywhere else on the human body. It was smooth and hard and I would only stop sucking it long enough to run my tongue up and down its length. I looked up at the porn movie that was still playing in my booth. Seka, the porn starlet and I were both sucking some nice cock at that same moment. Looking around, I saw a face at the glory hole on the other side of my booth. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I whispered, "You're next", then I returned to my new favorite pastime. 

Copyright © 2001 Joe@bisexualadventures.com. All rights reserved. 

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