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Galen Robert Gates  is the author of The Sharp Edge of Love: the erotic passions of submissive women. He is in discussions with a Random House imprint for his next book for publication next year, The Dignity of Sexual Authenticity, an exploration of the sexual shadow and the spiritual dimensions of sexual authenticity. He is active in the D/s scene nationally as an advocate for sexual freedom, healing and tolerance as a speaker, conference
presenter, and guest on numerous radio, webcasts and in web and print publications. 

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excerpted from The Sharp Edge of Love

It feels, you imagine, like a cocoon: total quiet, darkness. You can feel the canvas bag Master stuffed you in, pressed all around your fetally curled body; knees pressing into your tits; wrists shackled to your ankles. The chain from your collar is connected to the chain between your anklets. Your hooded head drawn down sideways upon your knees. The hood, with an opening only for your mouth and nose, was placed on you after Master had flogged you mercilessly, and then you were flogged again after the hood was in position. 

Master had made you stand, without restraints, and commanded you to not move while he worked on your tits and ass. Intermittently, Master would reach between your legs, and massage your clit tenderly, kissing you passionately through the opening in the hood.

"You are such a pleasure, my beautiful and obedient slave." 

His words caused a glow in your submissive heart. Despite the numerous flinches, you felt you had stood pretty still, especially trying to balance on the spiked heels Master had given you to wear. Then he got the bag, cuffed and collared you, stuffed you roughly inside, and hoisted the bag off the floor with a pulley. You couldn't think of anything you did wrong. Master was simply taking his pleasure, you thought.

It's been some time since Master left the room, but you really can't sense time in this eternal darkness. You can't move; every part of you is restrained. The bag squeezes you tight; it is difficult to breathe the little air the thick canvas allows inside. You can tell from your sense of gravity (the only sense that isn't being deprived) that you are hung, nearly upside down on your back. 

You wait with a slave's anticipation. You know not what, or when, but Master has something in mind...

You suddenly feel the bag sway slightly. You didn't hear him enter. You feel a sharp whack right on your ass-- sharp even through the canvas. A long number of blows follow. Then you hear the sound of canvas being ripped. You feel the cooler room air on your mouth where Master has made a small opening in the bag. You go to breathe in the fresh air. Just as you begin the intake, like a swimmer that's just broken the surface after a deep dive, you feel a hard round shaft forced to the back of your throat, choking off the air you craved. Master's cock savagely pumping your little cunt mouth! No, this is too solid... and now the taste... a dildo! Probably the huge black one, you think. 

After several timeless minutes, your jaws aching with the fatigue of your mouth being forced open so wide, the pumping dildo stops, but stays deep in your mouth. You know you dare not let it go, no matter how bad you need that fresh breath, or how badly your jaws ache.

You hear and feel the canvas being torn again. This time you feel the cool air of the room, grazing across your exposed ass. Master¹s fingers grab your cunt lips and spreads them roughly, pulling them away from your entrance. You feel the sharp bite of the utility clothes pins placed on your cunt lips, several on each side. Then Master tapes the ends of the clothespins to your thighs and ass. Your pinkness exposed, you feel it must be glistening in the light of the room. 

Suddenly there's an explosion of sensation right on your cunt, flashing like a bright red bolt in the darkness of your mind. Another and another as Master crops your pussy right on that tender pink flesh. If you could, you would jump up, try to get away from the searing sting of the crop. But you can't even move. Then another object, another dildo, you realize, suddenly penetrates deep into your cunt, sliding effortlessly into the soft tissues soaked in your growing heat. You almost explode, desperate to hump that shaft. But you can't even move. 

The whip is raining down hard on your exposed ass, stinging left and right. It stings so bad. But the whipping is far down your list of concerns. All you are thinking of is that dildo in your desperate cunt, wishing only that Master would fuck you with it!

The whipping stops. Silence. You feel Master¹s strong hands gripping the sides of the bag by your hips. Now the probe of his cock-- definitely his-- pressing at the entrance to your asshole. His cock is driving into you, deeply and you feel his hips banging hard against your ass cheeks, mercilessly over and over again into the depths of your ass. Another dildo starts pushing into your cunt, fucking you harder and harder. You feel both probes pressing through the membrane that separates your ass and your cunt as the huge objects fight for space within your tight, but liquid, openings. Your mind turns to liquid and color, and your whole consciousness becomes like one cascading orgasm of pleasure-release-freedom within your enslaved body.

You feel Master heave his own bliss, deep into your ass, and you feel him panting at the end of his passion as he embraces the canvas bag, squeezing tightly. After a few moments of embrace, you feel Master withdraw. Gently, Master removes the first dildo still clenched tightly in your mouth. He kisses your mouth deeply through the opening in the canvas, and quietly leaves you in your other world.

Copyright © 2000-2001 Galen Robert Gates. All rights reserved. 

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