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Rupert de Costa e Silva  is a poet and filmmaker living in Melbourne, Australia. His short film was featured recently at The Sick Puppy Film Festival in San Fransisco, USA. He also hosts a night in Melbourne called "Laughing Antlers" at the Arthouse (North Melbourne), every third Monday of the month which features subversive, radical, erotic performance art and spoken word.

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sweaty palms in suburbia

somedays i just wake up wanting to be stretched out on a rack
my whole body contorted and cracked and all my muscles relaxed
my hips arched forward and my legs protracted -
and my cock exposed in a full-bodied yawn of pleasure.

these are those days i just can't stop thinking about sex
it makes my head throb and my stomach tingle with desire
no one is home and i consider oral auto-erotica on the telephone
but phone sex is an expensive excercise  -
and a trail of cum doesn't add up to much
besides, plastic is not the most erogenous touch.

i walk out into the street with fleeting feelings of lust
bringing sweat to my hands and feet  -
my wandering mind settles on girls' behinds,
full body massages and all maner of erotic designs -
thinking until it becomes bothersome and tiring
because i want to be thinking about art and literature
not thin white knickers firmly embellishing buttocks
beneath the the fabric of tight jeans.

i imagine some relief in the form of an underground club
where i could just walk in and strip off
tumble and twist in a tryst of hearty lovemaking
shower and dress and leave without stress -
no transaction in cash, no guilt, no regret
it seems the command of one's penis
is a measurement of debt.

Copyright © 2002 Rupert de Costa e Silva. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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