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Richard M. Shuldiner is an expatriate New Yorker and librarian who lives and works in southern Vermont, USA. His poetry has appeared in several issues of The Ledge and also in Clean Sheets. The following poems are intended to be a series which explore the relationship between a client/john/trick and the escort/compensated companion/whore.

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Third Season of Love: To an Audience of Whores


i still haven't settled from your touch
nothing routine everything absurd
the result of the resolute unquieting
truth of shared deception
a drug that won't leave me
i inhale deeply to remember
your cunt i bathed in briefly
on my skin i strode downtown
at once triumphant and pale
edging towards other women
getting too close they could
catch your scent and know
that i had been to wonderland

Copyright © 2002 Richard M. Shuldiner. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

minor intimacies

its the minor intimacies with you
i have the trouble with the fear
the intolerable insecurities
the doubts that linger
should i call you on the phone
should i hold your hand when we walk
should i send you a card a note a letter
would be finer richer than an email
its the minor intimacies with you
that other couples take in stride
the ones that they begin with
are they aliens to us to our conventions
a look of the eye a hand against the hair
we coupled we began where they often end
its the minor intimacies with you
i want to share

Copyright © 2002 Richard M. Shuldiner. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

defying newton's law

i like that i always seem to amaze you with the
intensity of my imaginings my feelings

maybe i have spent too many years stoned or with
lustless women but only the former is true
just let me make this as clear as i can: the time i
spent with you was for me the closest i have been to
being someone else to feeling what you are when you
are coming and humming those sounds when i was in you
when i was going down on you and you were bathing my
whole face with your sweet cunt juices i felt in
paradise i felt connected to you i felt we were the
same body the same soul the same mind i could have
spoken for you you could have thought for me and no
one would have noticed

i could have run with you anywhere i really felt that
i thought that you felt the same time was a mere formality
a blink of passion nothing was false to me
i would have been and done whatever you asked me to
just to hear that sound you make after you come
it would have been pure pure bliss as in paradise eden
heaven it would have been molecular had my cock been
inside you to absorb those wonder filled contractions
to have absorbed your power as i came and had given it back
to you. defying newton's laws that's what we must do
next time.

i am a fatalist in some things we were meant to
be together i do not often get the chance to be away
for so much time stay til the sun rises sets and rises again
begin earlier cancel other plans stand up other men
i am that thirsty for you.

i can stay only til sunday will you do the same?

i am a fatalist in some things when will i have
this chance again

Copyright © 2002 Richard M. Shuldiner. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

latin ivy

what do i know of love after last night
what was it called the thing we did
you saw with your own eyes
be careful i do not know you well
you still might want to harm me
entwine me in a vine of latin ivy
do not tell me what we shared
was simply an idea a mind a muse
at play with common inspiration

i would have heard about it
some one would have told
taken me aside and said
this is what the gods must feel
when they embrace their mates
or when they journey down to earth
assume a woman's form and feel
and slowly drift with languorous lips
into an unsuspecting sleeping soul
and whisper to his ear come to me
come to me only with an open mind
come to me only with an open heart
gently at first you parted my lips
with yours and touched my tongue
and with your breath breathed into me
not just the dawn not merely life
but endless ecstasy

what was it called that thing
you did to me last night
like a nephilim you came
in ancient times reversed
you offered me a fruit like eve
a simple strawberry i bit in half
still vibrating from your licks
the first ripe strawberry
rich red swollen fruit
i licked it with my tongue
i nuzzled it as if it were your cunt
i sucked on it as if it were your clit
are you ok are you in pain insane

crazed with the smell and taste of you
i would have fucked that strawberry
and not have blinked an eye
or thought twice about your gaze
had you not breathed into my ear
calm down calm down and rest
be still for now cool off a while
for i have just begun
i am a new god yet unnamed
and not used to mortal sweat

Copyright © 2002 Richard M. Shuldiner. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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