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Coleen Shin lives a life of self-indulgent leisure in Dallas, Texas. She idly, and with great pleasure, does laundry for her hard-working man, relaxes in the kitchen, hands softening to perfection in dish water, and if she feels like it, works a fifty-hour work week managing a retail optical outfit where she assures each and every presbyopic oldster, "Yes indeed! those hot pink Versace sunglasses make you look twenty years younger." Published here and there about the spider's Web, she awaits patiently the day she dies and is immortalized for her savage wit. 

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Caught in My Throat

He calls it fucking, says it with a guttural
oomph and obvious enjoyment, sometimes
with a laughable Italian accent, he drops the "g"

He wants to hear it in his ear, sometimes low
sometimes a scream. 

Oh Baby, Yes, Yes, Ohhh,
You are the best fucking thing that ever...

You get the drift.

I can manage the "Oh Baby" the "Yes, Yes, Ohhh"
naturally in my thoughtless pleasure. It streams
hisses down his neck, echoes too loud in his ear
making him snort, laugh and buck harder.

I have trouble with the word fuck.

Maybe it's the 'k' catching in my throat 'k' 'k' 'k'
or the smack I got, Pow! upside the head
when I was fifteen and referred to my sibling
older by one year as a fucking pain in the ass.

Or maybe I grew sweet, gentled by a poet
my twentieth year who never said fuck once.
He called my mouth a hungry flower, my pussy
divinty and my breasts, teacups of delight.

I practice while he's showering.

I lay whispering, "Oh baby, fuck me to the moon"

stumbling over the "k"

Copyright © 2002 Coleen Shin. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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