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Dave Ruslander started writing poetry at the young age of fifty. He is a computer engineer by day, and a poet by night. The following two poems are his first published works. We are proud to premiere such a promising poet at Mind Caviar. 

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59th Street

A black stiletto heel rests against granite 
the cornerstone on 59th street. 
Long bent leg reveals her garter belt 
white stockings under a red mini skirt. 

Sequined top, eye catching 
pledges allegiance 
lifting Marilyn Monroe off her neck.
The breeze refreshing 

she blows you away.
Across the street 
the pusher deals 
from the bottom of the deck.

Suits scramble for the blue train 
cellular phones stuck in their ears,
have your people call mine, 
buy me some of that IPO. 

A necklace of yellow cabs 
links the avenues, interspersed 
with black pearl limousines
Marilyn puts one on. 

Get Fucked

I don't want to make love,
I want to fuck you.
Feel the animal instincts take over.
My fingernails draw Mars on your back.
Feel me pull your raven hair
my bite on your neck hurts,

I push you on the bed and jump on
sucking the juice from your tongue
animal sounds coming from our mouths
nostrils flare.

You grab my shoulders and push me away
I hit the floor with a thud and moan.
You lunge at my chest and press me to the floor.
Legs spread sitting on my stomach
I can feel you are wet.

Fuck me.

"59th Streetl" and "Get Fucked" Copyright © 2001 Dave Ruslander. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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