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"No government has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love.
The only queer people are those who don't love anybody."

~ Bella Abzug (1975)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 2 Anniversary Issue, 2001

Adrian Welch Adrian Welch, Photographer

Adrian Welch has expressed his concern that he shares what appears to be somewhat cliche' Gothic tastes with the rest of the Gothy world. Dig a little deeper, and you will find a truly unique soul, a man who expresses a white hot love, sex, and life force through photographing dark sensuality.

The first thing you may notice about his art is the striking contrast of light and dark, or maybe the overt sexuality of his work. Take a look into the souls of his subjects by looking into their eyes. You can see a truth in their expression which only makes his work sexier, even more dimensional. 

Artist's Quote: As a Pagan... I find sexual ritual to be akin to the spiritual trances of shamans. I find what I'm attracted to channels the most energy for me, so when I make art with it, the energy translates into the image and people like it, so it works.

Adrian Welch Adrian Welch Adrian Welch
Adrian Welch Jen's X Adrian Welch
Adrian Welch Adrian Welch Adrian Welch
Adrian Welch Adrian Welch Adrian Welch

Visit Adrian On-Line
Visit Adrian Welch online at darkroomdesigns.com

All About Adrian Welch & His Art

Age:  34

Sign:  Pisces

Favorite Color:  Black 

Music: My tastes run towards industrial, gothic, techno, ambient, electronica, neo-classical, & etherial

Physical activites:  martial arts, stunt combat fighting (I don't do either anymore due to numerous back injuries)

Religion:  generic Pagan

Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual, polyamorous, into light fetish, physically intersexed by birth (now corrected)

Major Turn-ons:  Bondage, threesomes

Influences:  Human history, personal past, sexuality, spirituality, mythology, surrealism, pictorialism, social issues

Favorite Contemporary Artists: Gilbert Williams, Suza Scalora, Jhonen Vasquez, Wendy Pini, Michael Manning, Tim Burton, Roman Dirge, Reed Waller, Loren Cameron

Publications:Scarlet Letters Journal of Femmerotica, Blood Moon, Her Curve, The Slave Journal, X-Muse, Cupido (Norway), Cupido (Denmark)

Past Showings:  MDCC Kendall gallery (Miami, FL), Fire & Ice (Miami, FL), Mazmanian gallery (Framingham, MA), ManRay (Cambridge, MA), Hubba Hubba (Cambridge, MA)

Work Available:  Online through darkroomdesigns.com (& occasionally eBay), and in person at various events around the Boston area such as Fantasy Factory, Fetish Flea, Arisia, Birka (SCA), Salem's Haunted Happenings, etc.

Bread-Winning Activites:  Photographic restoration & retouching, web development, graphic design, portraiture, interactive multimedia development

Side Projects:  Poetry & fiction writing, costume design, film making, oil painting, chainmail & leatherwork

Hardware:  Mac G3 All-in-One with Kensington Turbomouse, Epson Stylus Photo EX printer, MInolta Dimage Scan Dual dedicated slide scanner, Epson Perfection 1640SU flatbed scanner, LaCie CDR-W burner, TabletWorks drawing tablet, Iomega 100 MB Zip Drive

Software:  PhotoShop 6, Painter 5, Illustrator 8, Premeire 5.1 LE, Director 8, Flash 5, Dreamweaver 3, iMovie, GoLive 4, SoundEdit 16, FreeHand 8, Graphic Converter 4, Quark XPress 4, GifBuilder .5, Office 2001, Genuine Fractals 2

Photo Equipment:  Pentax P30t SLR with fixed 50mm lens & 28-100mm zoom with 2x teleconverter, Nikon 990 digital camera, Canon ZR10 miniDV camcorder

Trade Rags:  PCPhoto, DigitalFoto, MacAddict, Digital Photographer, Design Graphics

Techniques:  No flash-prefer available light or studio setups. I use colored gels, filters, & colored floods as well as PhotoShop. Prefer staged shoots rather than candids. Montages often feature scanned objects. I favor low light conditions, night shoots, saturated colors, & dramatic shadows. An aspect of each image is often tweaked to create a surreal effect. Some shoots are experimental, some are shot with themes or art pieces in mind. I sketch ideas for shoots & art in a notebook I carry around. I also carry around a FunSaver camera for candid nature background shots.

Favored subjects:  Humans as animals in nature, Pagan symbology, gothic aesthetics, sexual drama & passion, romantic homoerotica, beauty in all forms

Past History:  Been writing & drawing since I was 5, then discovered painting photography & computers as an adult. I explore my own issues & express my mind through art & writing.

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