"I exercise extreme self-control.
I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast"

--W. C. Fields (1879-1946)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 2 Anniversary Issue, 2001

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Bottoms Up in The Big Easy!
by Jamie Joy Gatto

Who knows how to drink better than anyone except the Irish? Why, New Orleanians, of course! Here in the Big Easy we find a reason to party day and night. Our bars never have to close. We can carry our drinks right out on the street in plastic "go cups" without getting arrested for it. That doesn't mean we're all booze hounds, but it does mean we usually know how to handle our liquor, and we know of all the very best drinks-- and we love to share.

My favorite drink is from a now defunct bar once called Flamingos which was on St. Charles Avenue. They had the greatest drinks and food! Unfortunately the owners moved out of state some years back (shame on those naughty owners! *spank*) and I was fortunate enough to snag my favorite recipe for my favorite sweet-tart concoction called a C-Section. I know, I know, it's a gross name! But I didn't name it, I just drink it. I think you'll love it.

The C-Section is not for the light weight. It's a very tart drink that consists of mainly alcohol, with a touch of flavorings. It's what I call a "sipping drink." You don't want to slam these; they are like a Martini, up and shivery cold, strong and well... perfect! Stick to the exact brands I name in the recipe, and you'll do just fine. 

Bottoms Up! The Perfect C-Section
3 oz Absolut Vodka
1 oz Chambord or Razzmatazz Liqueur
Hefty Splash of Cranberry Juice Cocktail or Cran-Raspberry Juice
3 dashes Roses Lime Syrup

Lime Wedge (zest and juice)

1. Thoroughly chill a large double martini glass by filling it with ice cubes and water as you make the drink.

2. Shake vodka, raspberry liqueur of choice, cranberry juice and Roses Lime Syrup with crushed ice in a covered metal shaker-- ten good shakes. 

3. Drain your chilled glass, and strain the cocktail mixture into your frosty, prepared glass.

4. Rim the edge of the glass with the lime wedge, and squeeze the remaining lime juice from the wedge, and drop into cocktail. 

5. Serve "up" without ice in the traditional way, or add cracked or finely shaved ice. Slowly savor each sip. 

This is a drink to be carefully and slowly sipped and savored! Take your time, enjoy the sweet, raspberry-lime tartness. 

Bottoms Up! The Perfect Quencher: Raspberry-Lime Punch
1 jar of Cranberry-Raspberry Juice
1 Lime, cut in half, both halves squeezed
4 dashes Roses Lime Syrup
Plenty of Ice or Crushed Ice, as needed

1. Stir all ingredients into a large pitcher, except the ice.

2. Pour over crushed ice and enjoy!

This drink makes a great punch for cool or warm weather. You can also add fresh or frozen raspberries to an ice tray before freezing, along with fresh water. Serve the punch with raspberry ice cubes. Don't forget to feed your lover bites of raspberries from your fingertips! Yummmmmmmm...

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