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Didi Menendez is the creator, Webmaster and designer of MiPo Poetry Zine. You may have seen her poetry and prose online in Experimentia, Writer's Hood, Ophelia's Muse, and in Oceania's Peacockblue and Girlphoria, Mentress Moon and previously appearing in Mind Caviar

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bikini barracudas glide down the shore,
tanned the color of ripe mangos,
scales sparkle of number eight lotion,
hair entwined with seashells and sand,
peeked breasts of lemon meringues,
serendipity rolls from
wintergreen scented tongues,
blueberry and whipped cream eyes spotlight
their lunch;
a ripe papaya baking in the midday sun.

hooked by a silver heart-shaped pierced navel,
lick their aloe-vera balm pouts off each other,
entwined beaded anklets and charm bracelets,
stream through seaweed while they search,
for a stiff banana and coconuts lifeguard
that likes to watch.

Copyright © 2001-2002 Didi Menendez. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

Couplets Come

pierce syllabus tongue,
sear cerebral cavities,

ejaculate inspiration,
discharge satiates,

voluptuous vocabularies
fellate folios to fire.

deep in dampness
hardened words spent

succeeding starved
muse's thighs rise

invite, entwine as
thrusts profound

pounding penile pens
write intense release

from glistened lip
to deepest door

sound waves
voyage liberating

couplets come
creating stanzas

orgasmic prose
poetry floods

stiffening sheets.

Copyright © 2001-2002 Didi Menendez and Glenn Sheppard. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

The previous poem, "Couplets Come" was written by Didi Menendez in collaboration with Glenn Sheppard and is published with primary author's consideration for secondary author post-mortem. 

In Memoriam: Glenn Sheppard -  born March 25, 1951, died June 9, 2001. 

"World peace was one of his major goals in life. May he rest in peace." ~ Didi Menendez

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