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Nikki Isaak was born in the United States in the late sixties. Her work has been published or is scheduled to be published online at the Erotica Readers Association, Cyber Mistress, Wide Grrl, Amoret, Girlphoria and other Web sites, including Ophelia's Muse, Mind Caviar's sister site devoted to erotic tragedies and elegies.

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A Fantastic Blurring

chocolate espresso ice cream
spooned into my drowzy mouth,
creamy caffeine and gentle metal stirring, 
as sub1’s cinnamon gaze begs for my approval.

sub2 kisses the bottom of my feet, 
acute tinglings, flesh poetised by his tongue,
past the heel, up the calf to the bend in my knee… 

finally, he reaches my thighs, 
a servant mastering, if only for seconds. 
the delicious trickling of my bald cunt 
drives them to excitement,

lips rubied, allowing sub1 to fuck my mouth, 
my tongue languorous, exacting,
the songs woken by sub2’s licked 
half-rhymes spreading fire
into that espresso’d dick. 

future raptures draw near
as sub2 slips inside, 
riding my burning damp, 
flicking my clitoris,
consumed by the blurring of roles ...

when I come, I scream a consummated dream, 
gushing, gushing, gushing

Copyright © 2001 Nikki Isaak. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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