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Donna Hill lives in British Columbia, Canada with her three sons. She has been seriously writing poetry for two years now, drawing much of her writing style for realism from life around her, her family, and her work as a children's educator. Ms. Hill's poems have appeared in print in One Dog Press, Sex in Public, Poems Niederngrasse and Peshekee River. She's published online in Thunder Sandwich, Mind Fire Journal, the HOLD, Writer's Choice, Disquieting Muses, Rogue Scholars - East Village, Horsethief's Journal, and in Clean Sheets. Her poetry won first and seventh prizes in Comrades annual contest and will appear in Comrades anthology, 2001.

Correspond with Donna Hill.  Visit her webzine, Erosha, a literary journal of the erotic, of which she is editor.


sultry waters
cascade down
pulsate my skin
like the beating
of your heart
wash over me
like the warmth
of your breath

my hands habitually
follow the flow of my curves
round of my belly
as if in your

my stance widens
to lingering thoughts of you
on your knees before me

your lips
at my voluptuous
passion's dew rains
upon your tongue

with lightness of touch
bow across a violin

into blazing urgency
you send me over
the edge

filling me
with an afterglow
of delicious


if by the suppleness
of my flesh
I could bend into a
porcelain white
for us to tease
and tug of war on

in this very moment
whether I should be there
or you here
in one another's arms
a dance would

and as bodies moved
to the rhythm of colliding heat
fingertips blazed trails through parched skin
and mouths sought fields and valleys
of thirst quenching desires

your hips would lead me
sure and gentle as a beckoning hand.

something new, something more

there is nothing new or exciting
about when I do laundry, bending
down sorting lights from darks.
I do this weekly, sometimes daily
though in this dream I find something
new, something more among our
pile of clothing I begin to reach for.
two silk scarves, deep blue as the sea
as the depth of your green eyes longing
and I know instantly what these scarves
are for. now this is new to me but I want
it still. I want my wrists tied to our bed.
not roughly, but with the same softness
you have for me, the same that we share
but this time I want more, the way you
pin my slender hands above my head as
we make love. I want to be submissive
and know that I am yours, that
you want to take me. in this dream
the laundry is gone and now I am tied.
I need this dream to end. I want
this to be real, where I can see the
love in your eyes as you take me,
spread my legs, yearn for my wetness,
and take me, fill me with your cock,
fuck me in this dream.

"crescendo", "something new, something more" and "wishbone" Copyright © 2001 Donna Hill. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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