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Cassie Blake is a poet who lives in a small town outside Buffalo, NY, where she is involved in the local community. She makes her living as a librarian, and imparts a love of reading to all who enter her domain. She considers writing to be a release for her mad rantings and ravings. Cassie also writes children’s stories, and has one currently pending publication.

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Mia Jennings provides the sensual illustration: "Classic," a Mind Caviar exclusive.

Afternoon Delight 

Curtains drawn,
candles lit,
incense fills the air.

She preens before her mirror 
admiring her lithe, naked form. 
Jet black hair forms 
a cape around her.

Hearing the door softly open 
she turns, her breasts high and proud,
peaked in readiness.

She plays her hands over her body; 
as he approaches, 
she gives him a sly sexy wink.

She slides her arms around his neck 
to bring him close,
leans into him, whispers
her lips near his, 
"Hi, sweet face I missed you,
can you tell?"

Her hands glide over him, 
resting here and there
to admire the firmness of his body.
Going a bit lower, 
she finds it seems though
he's missed her, too.

She nibbles his neck, 
hears him gasp, 
feels him shiver.

She wiggles closer;
he tosses her on the bed
says in low raspy voice,

"Hey, you sexy thing, I think
you are more than ready
for a bit of Afternoon Delight."

Classic by Mia Jennings

Making Love In Red Suede Boots

She stands before him
in thigh high red
suede boots only

Her body is on fire for
his known touch,
a touch she knows will
take her where only
love dwells

He encloses her
in his arms,
pressing their bodies
so close a loving
warmth engulfs her.

Hands of love
slowly move
across her body as
if they were a soft
spring breeze.

Melding into him, she
sighs for this is a
place in which
she fits so right.

He lowers her,
begins to take her on
a trip from which she
hopes never to return.

Her body opens
for him as a flower
opens in full sun.

Her breath catches
as he lets his
fingers play over her.
No one has ever made
her feel so loved.

He enters her warmth,
eyes closed, her body gives
way to his love.

"Please never let
this go from me..."
suddenly she feels a
cooling breeze cross
her body.

Opening her eyes
the sun
shines full across
her bed.

Body glistening
she comes
fully awake.

Tears fill her eyes
as she comes
to realize
he has come
to her

Only in dreams.

"Afternoon Delight" and "Making Love in Red Suede Boots" Copyright © 2001 Cassie Blake. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.
Graphic Illustration "Classic " Copyright © 2001 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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