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Carol Allen  is a writer from Toledo, Ohio whose poetry has been published in TMHC, Oracle Poetry, Soundings, Golden Isis, Shooting Star, Interface, Tiger Moon Press, New England Writers' Network, and Complete Woman. Allen is more interested in writing erotica than any other form because, Allen writes, "I feel I can explore sex on different levels for a straight, bisexual or a gay audience."

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Lonnie has an obsession that must be fulfilled. So he rushes into a place where the door is left open. There's a radiant piece inside where water shoots out of two phallic symbols. There are designs of wild animals everywhere. The caramel-colored building slopes all around, sinuously, built on solid ground in a place called Irotika where people mind their own business. Only twenty residents live here.

A tall dude walks up and says, "Well, you're finally here."

"Yeah, it took awhile. But I had to come see you." 

"Oh, we'll get along just fine." His smooth hands start tugging at Lonnie's leather briefs. "Oooh, it's a good thing you're only wearing one piece." 

"I-- just want... to --" Lonnie is tongue-tied.

"Don't worry. 'Cause I know what to do. I'm Flavio."

Lonnie is standing there trying to keep his head together; Flavio's hands feel like fire. When his pants fall, Lonnie kicks them off, moves behind the guy.

Lonnie can't believe he's deep in the moist, sticky hole now, gripping the guy's hips to stay in place. They're there-- right next to those phallic symbols where water shoots out in different directions. 

Flavio bends over to allow Lonnie deeper access. Flavio's black hair and light eyes glow, lit from a glass tube sculpture that twists upward, as waves of purple and white flash.

Lonnie feels captivated by the heat from their bodies. Lonnie is so into it. "Sss, ahh. Sss, ahh. Sss, ahh." He always wanted someone like this guy. And it's finally happening. He's caught up in passion, wishing it would never end. But something has to change. Lonnie comes to a stop, yet stays deep into Flavio. "Oh, man. I don't know anyone who feels this good inside. You and this-- this place-- make me horny."

Then Flavio says, "Oh, baby. That's the plan. But, I have to do something first," Flavio says still leaning over.

"What?" Lonnie asks.


"Me too."

Then Flavio says, "I'll go first." 


When Lonnie's cock is released, Flavio runs straight to the back.

* * * 

They're lying together on a heavy, golden carpet. Everything here is animalistic. It drives people wild. They never get enough. There are four rooms, all different, but each with a certain flair. Flavio is giving his guest a new treat now. 

"Don't you love eating fresh melon?" he asks.

"Of course. Especially, from you."

Flavio laughs warmly, offers another chunk of ripe fruit. 

"Mmm... So sweet and juicy."

"I'll have some, too," Then Flavio puts a bite in his mouth. "This is the last piece."

"Good. So we can do this--" 

After placing the bowl down, Lonnie begins to stroke his partner's shiny black hair. "Man, I love everything about you. Beautiful." He's looking into those aquamarine eyes. Then Lonnie admits, "I've been watching you." 

"Yeah, I know."

"You caught me a few times?" 

"Yes," Flavio smiles, "It must have gone on for two months before we finally met."

"Yeah. Right out front. I couldn't stop watching you." Lonnie can't contain himself. Grabbing a hold of Flavio, His arms wrap around those muscular shoulders to accept a kiss. They're rolling on the golden carpet with tongues deep inside watery mouths, gasping for air. That sweet melon taste lingers on. 

Then all of a sudden, Lonnie moves farther down. He pulls on a nipple with pointed teeth, digging into swelling flesh.

Flavio moans, "Ooo, man. It feels kind of good." Lonnie's biting continues further down Flavio's torso, making things more tense. When Lonnie's mouth finally covers that wide, pink head, sparks fly. Teeth sink in deeper. 

"Oh, fuck!" Flavio cries out scared. But Lonnie knows the pain will turn into a strange kind of feeling, an itching sensation. Lonnie is sucking the head so good...

"Ohhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh," Flavio's shooting out like crazy, but some of the creamy stuff gets on the floor. It seems like they'll never get enough of each other.

* * * 

Lonnie is taking a midnight stroll with his partner now. Irotika is one of those places where you don't have to worry about being alone. Two women are walking around with sparkles attached to their nipples. No clothes, no shoes. Just broad, bold nakedness.

"Oh, man. I never want to leave here," he says.

"Stay. I have enough room," Flavio offers.

"Mmm. Quite interesting," Lonnie says. 

They're hugging.

"You really got me off, man."

Lonnie laughs. 

"Oh, so it's funny, huh?"

"I get carried away at times." 

"It was scary at first," Flavio admitted, "You bit me hard."

"I couldn't help it, man. You're irresistible." 

Flavio moves away. "You should've told me you had a thing for biting. I didn't think you'd bite me."

"Look, I just wanted to have a good time with no problems," Lonnie says.

"Oh, so it doesn't matter what I think?" 

"No, I wanted to surprise you."

Flavio is silent, looking away.

"Okay. Really, I'm sorry," Lonnie offers, touches his hand.

Flavio is looking right into his eyes, "Alright."

Lonnie feels better now. So he says, "Thanks, man. I was about to cry."

They fall out laughing after that. People never want to leave Irotika because it's so sensuous. And that's more than enough. 

Copyright © 2001-2002 Carol Allen. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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