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"Sex is a game, a weapon, a toy, a joy, a trance,
an enlightenment, a loss, a hope."

~ Sallie Tisdale (1994)

Mind Caviar, Vol. 2 Anniversary Issue, 2001

Jen's X Jen's X
The Art of a Web Cam Girl

Meet Jen, a twenty-something Gen-Xer who admits to loving all things cheesy, never being able to dye her hair bright enough, and whose favorite modeling subject is herself.

Step into the world of a Web Cam Girl where vanity is all about style, and nothing is hidden from view. Her journal is on-line, as well as her bio, her friends, and favorite inspirational quotes. Nevermind the nudity! Jen's X is the place to see it all, and to meet the real girl behind the photos.

Jen's X Jen's X Jen's X
Jen's X Jen's X Jen's X
Jen's X Jen's X Jen's X
Jen's X
Jen's X
Jen's X

All About Jen

"I have a degree in photography and have been taking pictures since I was 12. After college I actively pursued a career in fashion photography but after a few years I realized the life of a commercial photographer was not what I wanted. I'm not a super outgoing person and had a hard time trying to sell myself to potential clients."

"I took a break from photography for a year and then came up with the idea for Jen's Ex a year ago.  I took web design classes and learned how to build a site.  Jen's Ex was originally going to be a showcase of my fashion photography, but I realized I had less than 100 images for the site, which isn't a whole lot.  I was tired of setting up fashion shoots and trying to work around the schedules of model, makeup artists, stylists, so I started shooting myself a few months ago. Then I got a webcam and did photo shoots in my apartment while people could watch. I didn't realize there was such a thing as a "Cam Girl" until I already had my site up and running. It's great being able to just take pictures whenever I want and not having to rely on anyone else."

Jen's Inspiration

"I mostly get my inspiration from fashion magazines and music videos. As trite as it may seem, I really am the epitome of the Gen Xer and I love pop culture."

"What I love about my site, is that I can do whatever I want. I'm my own boss, art director, photographer, and model rolled into one.  I finally feel like I'm being creative again, and doing exactly what I want to be doing. The bad thing is when something goes wrong on the site, I have to fix it and there's no one there to help." 

"It's also hard trying to be the perpetual starving artist, but I'm confident that one day I will be able to stop struggling and will never have to eat Mac & Cheese or 99 cent TV dinners again."

What You Get at Jen's eXposed

Here's what you get as a Jen's Exposed Member:

Erotic and Fashion Photography 
Thumbnails and hi-res exclusive pictures of me and others 
with categories like: Body, Raw, Kink, Cherry, Fancy Feet.

Streaming Bedroom & Office Cam
Streaming Video Webcam with pop up Cam. Usually 24 hours a day.
Watch me work (naked or scantily clad), shower, have sex and more.

Mini erotic rock videos made by yours truly. Watch behind the scenes when I make
future videos.

Erotic Shows by me and 20 other Girls 
I perform erotic shows, with chat, on the streaming cam twice a week,  and do webcam photo shoots and video shoots each week as well. I also offer the shows/chats of 20 other girls and couples! There are several shows every day! Click here to see the sexy girls whose shows I offer.

Cam Pic Archives 
1000+ original erotic still photographs from the shows and photoshoots.

Watch Photo and Video shoots 
Watch me do sexy, explosive, provacative photoshoots.

Free direct access to: Girlshouse, Minx Girls, Hotel SluSluts, Amsterdam XXX, Fetish Cinema videos, Pornication, Flirt for Free, Daily Naked News, Adult Chat, erotic stories, and tons of xxx videos, movies, 24/7 live cam feeds with chat, and more!

Learn things about me you never dared to ask! Play games with me, watch kick ass slideshows, download Jen's Ex wallpaper, use my private message board, and see my random erotic art projects.

Schedule of my upcoming events, chats, shows, and photoshoots. You always know what's new and what's going on with me.

Contact Me 
I love corresponding with my members via email, chat and ICQ. Contact me whenever you like : )

All Photos Copyright © 2001 Jen's X. All rights reserved.
Jen X Interview Copyright © 2001 Jamie Joy Gatto. All rights reserved.

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E-mail Jen with questions regarding membership or this article.

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