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Royce Sykes  writes and plays by his own rules in the Central West End of St. Louis, Missouri. His writing has appeared in Ophelia's Muse, Sexy Thinking, Touch, Fireside, Amarillo Bay, 3rd Muse, Unlikely Stories, Wired Hearts, Countless Horizons, Another Night and Day Alliance, Ygdrasil, 2River ViewPoetry Magazine, Snakeskin, Switched On Gutenberg and Liberty Grove

E-mail Royce Sykes. Visit Royce Sykes' Sojourner Wolf's Cyber Den. 

I Would Savor Your Soul

I would savor your soul 

trace each meandering trail 
of memory you might share, 
into whatever nooks and 
niches they lead 

gently kiss with healing intent 
bruises and callus left by 
flinty encounters along 
the way you've walked

with licks of laughter tickle 
soft and tender thoughts blooming 
in fields of fragrant whimsies 
through which you dance; 

and if, perchance, you flex 
before me some secret 
desires, would weave my way 
around them from big to 
little, slowly draw each 
in, one by one, to taste, 
and then

glide along the arch of your 
dreams to explore the all of 
who you are

Copyright © 2001 Royce Sykes. All rights reserved. 

Hummingbird and Flower

Hummingbird hovers over a warm
and narrow grotto, regards the
dewy bloom of rare, sweet flower.
Gently, along tender petals trembling,
sips a uniquely heady nectar.
Giddy from fragrance, from feel of
slow blossoming beneath the kiss,
probes delicately deeper.
Then, glides toward beckoning
bud revealed, lingers there until
quivering becomes a rippling outward
from deepest root and a sighing
as of a breeze calling softly, 
the hummingbird to nest

Copyright © 2001 Royce Sykes. All rights reserved. 

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