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"The one universal art is music."

~ Faith Baldwin (1956)

Mind Caviar Vol. 2, Fall-Winter Issue 2001

band Sexfresh
The Fainting Room

by Mia Jennings

San Francisco definitely has a hot indie sensation-- Sexfresh--  a diverse, talented band who stimulates listeners with their newest CD, The Fainting Room. Sexfresh's eclectic style breaks boundaries with a vivacious mix of jazz, blues, folk, and a dash of Western twang.

I was entranced while listening to their simple, undefined tracks; their dark side intermingled with sweet, sultry emotions, artfully combining and unifying both flavors.

Emily Zuzik is their lead female vocalist: creative, intelligent and a gifted singer, penning half of Sexfresh's songs; she's a veteran vocalist who's been performing for nine years. Her mesmerizing voice is sometimes innocent and sweet and sometimes raw and lusty. She can belt out the blues or uplift with her harmonies. Bunko is their ingenious lead male vocalist, accordion, banjo, and guitar player whose voice is often compared to Tom Waits'. Chris "Mully" Mulhauser plays lead guitar and sings back-up vocals. Mully is also largely responsible for mixing and recording The Fainting Room. Michael Osborne, their drummer has recorded and toured the USA and Europe with a variety of artists, including: Regina Richards & Redhot, Holly & the Italians, Marshall Crenshaw, Beat Rodeo, Michael Fracasso and The Rockats. Chris Ward is on bass, formerly of the band Steak. Chris also performs with the Alex Dolan Band. Together, these five band members breathe life into Sexfresh.

The Fainting Room begins soft and slow, much like foreplay. Emily starts with "Try A New Line On Me", Her sweet, hypnotic voice drawing you in. Bunko follows on track two, "Up Here" singing so smoothly it's as if he's undressing you with his voice. As I listened, shivers moved through my body. I felt as if someone had just hotly exhaled upon the nape of neck. So many tracks moved me as the CD built to a fury then settled into a steady heat.

"Bitterroot" is one of my favorite tracks where Emily's warm voice turns to lusty, raw growls. "Goodbye, Farewell, Move On" is soothingly notable. This sensual melody made me wish I was making out with my lover on the couch, with only a faint flicker of candle light guiding our hands and lips in the darkness. In "Far Away" Bunko's raw, bluesy voice made me want to ever- so-slowly undress. Emily and Bunko finally consummate their voices and styles in "Two Dimes In One Shoe." They sound like two lovers embracing between black and white satin sheets. And track ten "Child," feels like new life after something great was conceived. Bunko shines and Emily captivates with her ethereal background vocals, together they give birth to something beautiful, solitary, and immortal.

If you're looking for music for the next time you want a romantic evening, a lust-filled moment, or to set the mood for a new date, Sexfresh's The Fainting Room will deliver. You can purchase The Fainting Room at Amoeba Records, Open Mind Music, and Rasputin Records, and online as well at CDStreet.com and through their official Web site.

Listen to Sexfresh Here
Learn About their CD Here

LadyMia our own Mia Jennings, has been a music reviewer for the Twin Cities Blues News for the past two years. She's written reviews for artists such as Sista Monica, Gladys Knight and The Pips, Shannon Curfman, Ross William Perry, Lonnie Knight, Sue Foley, and many others. She's also worked with DJ N.R.G. from the U.K. 

Mia has begun experimenting putting music to her own erotic poetry. Currently she is working with two amazing musicians/sound engineers creating her new CD, Hot Blooded Vixen, anticipating its release 2002. LadyMia mixes sounds and music to erotic poetry and stories for Oceania at radioactivesex.com.

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