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Didi Menendez  is the creator and Webmaster/designer of Mi Po Poetry E-Zine. You may have seen her poetry/prose on Experimentia, Writer's Hood, Ophelia's Muse, and in Oceania's Peacockblue and Girlphoria, Mentress Moon and Mind Caviar. Starting December, 2001 she will become a contributor for the-hold.com.

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Pacify Me

ay papi que rico
minty eyes flutter
coo me gently
with your pacifier
Let me murmur
a spanish lullaby
as my lips suckle
with gentle intensity
ay papi por favor
plunge it in
dulce de leche
my eyelashes shutter 

Copyright © 2001 Didi Menendez. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

Turns Me On

Your hair frames a chiseled jawbone.
Full lips pouting
against a five o'clock shadow.
Scratches me as I lean in
to snatch a kiss.
Oval face with a shadow of a dimple,
pointing to the center of your aura.

You make it hard for me to be a bitch.
melting emotions evaporate,
steaming in your burning masculinity.

Look at the way my hips sway
to your pants starting to show a bulge.
Your shirt three buttons loose,
black shined boots,
casually sitting and seducing me with
those deep penetrating come and fuck me
bedroom eyes.

And what about the way that women look
at you when we are together?
Lusting after you, checking out your moves,
green eyes glowing,
realizing that you are mine,
turns me on.

Copyright © 2001 Didi Menendez. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

G-Spot of My Mind

come and explore
the g-spot of my mind
with your words
you have turned me on
to your philosophy
opened wide for you to enter
go ahead and push
immerse your thoughts
you will not hurt me
come and pick my brain
petals from a daisy
she loves me
she loves me not
come and discover
the g-spot of mind
explore it thoroughly
the entrance is left
thieves have entered
taken my treasures
once almost my life
I keep my mind open
push in deeper
penetrate my walls
of knowledge
how deep can you go
before I yell for mercy?

Copyright © 2001 Didi Menendez. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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