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Emma Kaufmann  is the author of Lawless Games, an erotic novel from which Mind Caviar is proud to present the following Web exclusive extract. If you enjoy this excerpt and wish to read more, Lawless Games is available for immediate download at Amatory Ink and at Book Locker. You may read more about Emma Kaufmann's work and about Lawless Games at her Web site.

Review of Lawless Games

"If you're looking for a hot read for the long trial of summer, Lawless Games is definitely on the docket. It not only has plenty of sex, but a fair helping of intrigue, too. This book is a quick read that will have you panting in places. On that -- I rest my case!"

J.Z. Sharpe

Extract from Lawless Games


The story so far: Ambitious ingénue Chloe lets her loins rule her head when she starts an affair with Jaspar, a rogue with money troubles. His Uncle John’s the big cheese at a top London law firm and she soon pressures Jaspar into using his family connections to get her a job there. Chloe’s all set for a dizzying ascent up the corporate ladder until she arrives at Clancy and Durham. A violent attraction to John leads quickly to frustration as his moods fluctuate wildly between solicitous and dictatorial and she finds she must put up with his unusual form of discipline or risk her career. The sexual tension is heightened when she accompanies John to the witchcraft-imbued Cat Island, where Chloe becomes spellbound by Monica, a white witch with the power to make people take risks. Chloe doesn’t know that by giving in to her longing for Monica and John she will walk straight into Jaspar’s trap. For, unbeknownst to her, Jaspar is also on the island taking photos of their erotic entanglements. He will use the photos to blackmail John, to get money to pay off his gambling debts. Here, Chloe has woken in the middle of the night. Her head is pounding and she needs a headache tablet. After knocking on John’s door she apprehensively pushes it open.


As she entered the room she was dazzled by points of light, which were reflected on the walls and on the ceiling. Gradually she saw that the room was full of mirrors, duplicating the light on his bedside table over and over again. In the midst of the shimmering refractions she saw movement, a regular bobbing, a mouth moving along the length of a cock, its shaft glistening with saliva. A wave of dizziness fell over her as she saw duplicated all about her, as far as the eye could see, the image of John’s rock-hard erection being slipped in and out of Monica’s hungry mouth. He half opened his eyes and said, “Ah, it’s little Chloe,” as Monica continued to suck on his cock. “Come over here.”

“I just wanted-” she stuttered, marveling at the beauty of the bodies on the bed. His well defined chest and legs, and erect cock, which Monica bent over, her voluminous breasts brushing against it, a perfect intersection of black and white.

“I just wanted a headache pill.” Her voice sounded small, childlike. Part of her wanted to turn on her heel and walk out the door. Part of her was mesmerized by what was in front of her. She sank limply onto a chair in the corner, watching Monica take John’s cock most of the way into her mouth. He moaned and began twisting his head from side to side.

Chloe leaned her cheek against the coolness of the mirror. Her headache had disappeared and now a new feeling took its place, an almost unbearable wave of arousal building in her sex. She ran her fingers down her silk encased body and started teasing open her labia. The soft down that covered her mound was already wet with her juices and she pressed one finger inside herself.

Monica increased the up and down movements of her mouth on John’s hard shaft. John began to push into her mouth in rhythmic jerks. Her breasts with their large brown erect nipples swung against his cock. 

Chloe thrust another finger deep within herself, keeping pace now with the rhythmic jerks of Monica’s head. She ground her fingers in up to her knuckles and began to moan. She saw her swollen sex reflected countless times in the mirror. The sight of it aroused her even more. Her legs were wide open and the blue slip was pushed back above the orbs of her breasts. She could see her nipples, pink and erect poking out from beneath the slip. Violently she rubbed the silk against them, teasing and tormenting them with the sensuous fabric. With her other hand Chloe increased the pace of her thrusts. Closing her eyes, she heard John moan, the way he had moaned at the back of the car as she rode him. The sound tipped her over the edge as she spasmed around her fingers, dragging them deeper within her. All the emotions that had built up within her these past two days found their release. With the waves of pleasure rising and falling around her she drew her fingers out of herself and opened her eyes. Two pairs of eyes were looking back at her.

“Come,” said Monica, beckoning to her. She felt suddenly ashamed that they had seen her masturbating. But looking into Monica’s eyes was making her hot, and soon her self-consciousness melted away. p “Take off your slip,” John commanded, his voice level. 

She let it fall around her feet and stepped out of it. It was as if she had entered another, parallel universe where only the satiation of her own desire mattered. With John’s eyes drinking in the curves of her body, she felt emboldened, in control. Monica moved aside a little so Chloe could lie down on the bed between them. Monica moved to kiss her. Her mouth was soft and lush and Chloe kissed her back. Monica’s breasts were hanging over hers and she could feel the hard nipples brushing against hers. 

Chloe reached up and ran her fingers over Monica’s breast, it was heavy and ripe in her hand. It felt so natural and right. She ran her tongue down Monica’s neck, down her breast to her nipple, which Chloe held slightly upraised between her fingers. She sank her mouth onto the breast and started sucking it hard, the bud growing more erect in her mouth. Then she moved to the other breast and played and sucked on it. 

She felt a mouth moving up the back of her neck. She recognized it as John’s touch, and pressed her back urgently towards him, feeling the ripples of his muscular chest hot against her spine. As she continued to fondle Monica’s breasts she felt John’s erection prising open the cheeks of her bottom. He had lifted up her hair and was covering her neck with soft feathery kisses. Soon she was lost between the warm softness of Monica’s body and the hard probing maleness behind her, his erection almost boring into her. It was a perfect complement of sensations. There was no urgency, just the slow build up of sensation.

Chloe moved over Monica’s breasts, swirling her tongue in the furrow between them, tasting sharp tangy sweat. The scent of this woman caused Chloe to want to press her fingers deep into Monica’s pussy. She stroked Monica’s sex with her fingertips, grazing the thick coarse hair that covered it and then tentatively pushed a finger in. Monica’s labia opened invitingly to allow the finger to enter. Monica gave a little gasp of pleasure. 

The hot sensation of knowing that she was pleasuring Monica made Chloe bold and suddenly impatient. She supported herself on her elbows, her bottom poking into the air, and buried her mouth in the silky wetness of Monica’s sex. She saw that her pussy was a dark pink color in complete contrast to Monica’s burnished skin. As she prised open the fleshy petals of her labia with her tongue, she was surprised to feel that John, who must have been lying beneath her, was similarly tonguing her clit.

She felt a current flowing between them that linked her own pink bud with Monica’s. She could feel exactly what Monica was experiencing, because John was teasing her with his tongue. She buried her mouth in this woman’s juices, a sweet musky scent rising between them. Abruptly, she felt something enter her pussy from behind, slowly, sensuously prising her open. John’s cock was sliding in, inch-by-inch causing her to gasp and pause for a second. He held her hips firm and slid out of her again, out of the smooth tunnel. 

Chloe began to circle her tongue around Monica’s hot pink bud. Monica had buried her fingers in Chloe’s hair and was playing with it as she approached her climax. Chloe felt excited, partly from John’s cock slipping in and out of her but also by the thought that she was going to make this woman come. She moved her tongue directly onto the clit, pushing back the hood and flicking over it with greater intensity. Looking up, she could see Monica’s breasts quivering, as she writhed against the bed. 

Feeling the energy that was building up inside Monica’s pussy, Chloe pressed her tongue hard against her, causing Monica to make a sound like the ascending notes of a scale, and then abruptly push her wet pussy against Chloe. The electric current of Monica’s climax flowed instantly into Chloe’s sex and she shuddered against John’s cock. He felt it too, running from deep within her pussy, down the head, running along the shaft until his balls buckled and spasmed and he too orgasmed thunderously. 

Copyright © 2001 Emma Kaufmann. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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