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Piers Denton  is a librarian living in Australia who has published both fiction and academic work under another name. His erotic poetry has been published in Retort Magazine. The following is his first published erotic fiction piece. Mind Caviar enjoys nurturing new writers, and we proudly present this debut work.

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Fall to Safety

John first saw her on the bus. She may have been his traveling companion many times, but it was only when by chance they happened to sit next to each other and their feet collided that he first noticed her. He noticed her the next day, and every day after. He started to look out for her, their nods of recognition soon turned to smiles and "hi's."

She had black hair, full lips, oval-shaped eyes, and light brown skin. She was short, not fat-- but having a soft belly that poured out between her tight T-shirt that gave prominence to her big breasts; her jeans hung low on her big bottom. She was young, he knew that, he guessed around twenty. She obviously worked in a store, and according to her Walkman, she seemed to like country music. This much he could tell by appearances. 

He in turn was thirty-two; middle-sized, gay looking and what she thought of him, he had no possible idea. On Fridays she was never on the same bus as him going home. By design he stayed late one Friday, and he watched and followed her as she went to a bar, a straight bar.

John had almost never been inside a straight bar, at least not since he'd met Brian– his live-in lover since the young age of seventeen. They'd first met when John had been living out on the streets-- after having a final fight with one of John's mother's many lovers. Brian had been John's savior: a big, affectionate carpenter who'd taken him in, given John a home. He'd grown used to Brian, and loved him in a special way, yet John had never felt a complete physical attraction to Brian. The fear of losing the love and security had kept him in the relationship, and of course his cowardice in the face of having to restart his life as a single man, with no family– and as a bisexual strongly attracted to women, yet having no experience sexually with them. So John carried on, and as gay friends drifted apart or lost their loved ones, John and Brian alone seemed to stay together, with the outward expression of being the perfect gay couple. 

John's bisexual tendencies were not unknown to Brian. When they went occasionally to get supplies from their local porn emporium, John would always linger over the titles such as "Big and Bouncy" which featured ladies with unfeasibly large breasts, and Brian would always laugh when he caught sight of him doing so. Sometimes John went by himself to see the women in peep shows, but this often caused in him more confusion than pleasure. He often thought of what it would be like to go with one of the cold-looking, badly dressed women he would see trolling for business on street corners. Although he knew the ins and outs of heterosexual sex, his only experience of it was when he had been an unwilling witness to the goings on between his mother and the long list of men she had introduced to him as ‘uncles'. He had never actually been with a woman, as his own fear and loyalty to Brian prevented him from doing so. 

Tonight, however, at the door to a bar, John had decided to be both brave and disloyal. He entered as nonchalantly as he thought possible, tripped on a hidden step, and then flounced across the floor and ordered a drink. Turning around to survey the bar he saw his Friday bus girl over in a booth with another man. The jukebox was playing a Garth Brooks song, and John thought himself an idiot as he stood and watched her. 

She did not look happy, and at one point the man started waving his arms about angrily, so much so, that John thought he was going to hit her. Finally the man got up, said something loudly and walked out. John could not hear what he said, but saw her look at first angry, and then surprisingly, as soon as he had gone, she smiled-- an almost beatific smile as though it originated from some secret success. 

Returning to stare at his drink and at the sad straight décor behind the bar, he missed her sidle up to him and order a drink. John turned, noticed her, quickly turned back and then shyly turned again to return her gaze. His so obvious, yet unintentional comic double-take had turned her smile into an open-mouthed peal of laughter. When she stopped laughing she held out her hand and said, "Laura". 

"John," he replied, "Nice to meet you."

"So, why haven't I seen you here before?" she said. 

Not wanting to be too obvious in his contempt for the surroundings, John rushed to explain that he did not often go to bars. 

As they talked, the bar filled up and the music got louder. And though the sound was not what you would call funky, it was at least rhythmic. John and Laura stood together listening, not exactly dancing but moving in synchronicity slowly shuffling side by side. Soon, karaoke began. They both drank, and as the various singers passed by, Laura, John noticed, began to look slightly drunk. The singers were not so inept as to draw embarrassment, but just bad enough to keep the audience amused. Laura seemed to smile a lot, and John kept smiling back which appeared to keep her further amused. She twirled her fingers through his hair and playfully nipped his ear. 

"Do you want to go out back with me?" she shouted to him over the noise of a grandmother dressed in purple sequins attempting "Riders on the Storm."

Thinking there was apparently another room to the bar, he said "ok". Only when they went out through the fire door and he felt the smack of fresh air did he realize they were out of the bar and in a back alley. Laura quickly pushed him up against a wall and kissed him while pulling his shirt out of his trousers. John kissed her back harder, and put his tongue deep into her mouth. He put his hands under her top and grasped on to her breasts. She undid his fly and the top button deftly, then pulled his shorts down over his now growing, wide cock. Smiling, she pulled back briefly to admire it, before pulling down her own panties. Kissing her again, his hands ran down her back to her buttocks. As he had become accustomed to, he began to rub his middle finger against her anus. Feeling the warmth and a slight dampness there he pushed it in. 

Still smiling she looked at him and said, "uh uh baby" and pulled his hand round to the front and placed it hard against her wet bush. He ran his fingers, his hand down between her legs. He felt the wetness and the size of the entrance. He had never felt such a place, his hand pushed in, he tried to get his whole hand in, he had no idea of the full extent and complexity of it. 

She groaned, "Come on, let's do it," as he moved his hand about. His cock was now huge, and the wet head shined the light of a street lamp. Laura had been holding it, pulling it, squeezing it. He moved his hand away from her pussy to allow his cock to enter her. John held her body as she stepped up on one leg and slid his cock between her open lips. She relaxed down onto his cock, and he took her full weight in his hands, lifting her so that she was now sitting on his cock. She put her legs around his waist and her arms about his neck. 

John, used to the bulk of a man, found Laura delightfully light, and it gave him a great feeling of strength as he lifted her up and down onto his cock, which seemed to grow even bigger with her weight and stress. He wanted to bite her breasts but could not free a hand. He indicated with his head down, and she lifted and held her tits up to him as he bent to suckle on her big, brown nipples. He came quickly, violently sucking the breasts he'd so often longed to taste.

Waiting at the bus stop, John was in agonies over the thought that someone he knew would see him-- or worse– might stop and speak to him. He wanted to talk to Laura about their experience, but she had become excitable: jumping up and down, playfully pulling at his clothes, pushing him away, and then trying to kiss him. He tried to keep her at arm's length in order to talk seriously, but they ended up standing together with her back resting against him, his arms around her shoulders.

They were alone on the bus, and in the dim light he allowed himself to relax a little. He began to enjoy the exciting realization that he was finally going home with a girl for the first time. Laura, oblivious to his satori, continued to play with him. When they got off the bus, they raced up the stairs to her apartment consisting of only a room with a bed and a kitchenette. 

John stripped quickly then took hold of Laura and stripped her, too. Enjoying being the man for a change, he acted as he had seen Brian act so many times. He gently but strongly positioned Laura where he wanted her. Laura was now on the bed kneeling forward, with John holding open her pale buttocks; her tan line accentuated and highlighted her sensual, womanly ass. He put his face up against her backside and felt the body heat emanating from her anus on his cheek. With his tongue he expertly and gently ringed her rim. The taste was different than Brian's; it still tasted almost bitter, but he also noticed the difference in smell of the female scent emanating from her perineum. His mouth was now right upon her, his tongue as deep in as it could go. His arms were around each side of her holding on to her breasts, which had been pushed out to her sides by her knees. He rhythmically lapped and sucked up her anus while his hands pulled on her large nipples. 

Laura was moaning and groaning. John thought she'd likely never had this amount of attention paid to her ass. She arched her back downwards so that she stuck her ass further into John's face. John's cock was hard, wet and ready. He lifted it up and placed it against her, circling it around her asshole before slowly, gently pushing it in. It went in smoothly, and she cried out a bit as he pushed it fully in. John feeling Laura's breasts at the front of his lover, instead of the usual Brian's cock, was making him ready to come. 

He pulled out, held her ass open with one hand, and admired the femininity of her body. He rubbed his cock with his free hand and soon came splashing onto the mouth of her anus. He watched as the cum slid inside her, the whiteness of it stark against her brown body and dark pubic hair. He rolled her on to her side; she was sweaty and her hair stuck to her face. John, seeing her face again, was momentarily surprised at her beauty. Smiling at her, he ran his cock across her cheek and placed it on her lips. Taking it into her mouth she sucked it and he felt the remainder of his cum slip out of him. 

She smiled, then turned to lie on her back. She spread her legs apart, smiled again and asked, "Could you do that again please, only at the front this time?"

As soon as Laura had fallen asleep, John dressed quickly and quietly and left. Outside of Laura's front door, he skipped happily down the stairs. Stepping out onto the street, he bounded along taking large strides. He had done it, finally done it. He'd only gone a few paces when his thoughts of triumph were replaced by thoughts of possible consequences. 

He'd said he liked her, he'd promised to call her, and they'd planned to meet Monday at the bus stop. He did like her, the sex was great, but he knew he did not have the will to do anything real about it. So instead he began to panic; what if she came looking for him? He would have to change buses, or take Brian's car? Maybe he should take a week off work and hide in the house. And what would Brian say or do if he found out? Would John have to move out? He seriously did not want to leave his home. "You look all done in," said Brian as John came in quietly through the door. 

"I've been on a try out for a new men's choir. It got a bit hectic," John replied as nonchalantly as he thought possible. 

"Come to bed, little pup," Brian offered sleepily. 

John quickly showered and hopped into bed next to Brian. He felt completely worn. How comforting to come home to this bed, how cosy and warm. How much simpler to be here, he thought. Under the covers he took a reassuring hold of Brian's cock.

Copyright © 2001 Piers Denton. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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