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Jamie Joy Gatto

Author * Editor * Columnist
Literary Erotica * Sex Activist

Jamie Joy has organized New Orleans' premiere erotica event: 
Eroticon held on June 2, 2002 featuring performances by:
Eroticon: A Night of Sensual Arts
M. Christian
Ian Philips
Jamie Joy Gatto
Greg Wharton
Sage Vivant
Lady Mia Jennings 
Stacy Reed
BDSM Peformance Art
Sensual Music & Dance
and more... Check it Out!
Jamie Joy's story "A Garden Called You" 
has tied for the honor of "Best Story" in the
March 2002 Silver Clitorides Award

silver clit awards

Click here to read "A Garden Called You"
Thank you especially to those of you who voted for my work. 
And thank you, Gary Jordan, for hosting this award program 
which supports superior erotic writing published on the Web.

Jamie Joy's work has been included in two 2002 
Lambda Literary Award Finalist Anthologies.
Jamie Joy Gatto's an erotica whirlwind."
~ Tom Myer, Author & Editor

Current Interviews of Jamie Joy Gatto

"...Jamie Joy Gatto is brilliant, her writing sparkles, crackles and sizzles like no other... but what's even more remarkable is that she seems to do all these wonders so effortlessly."
~ M. Christian, Author & Editor

new! Current Writings by Jamie Joy Gatto

The Latest News:
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The New eBook and oh-so-hot!
Suddenly Sexy!

Suddenly Sexy is a collection of twenty tiny tales designed to make you breathless. Editor Tom Myer of Brilliant Smut Press has compiled twenty of Jamie Joy's hottest itty-bitty flash fiction pieces into one delicious eBook. Now available! Read a sample...YUM!

Here's a Review:

"Suddenly Sexy is a fine collection of erotic short fiction. Each delicious offering tantalizes the senses. Highlights include "Player", a story that incorporates sensuality with a good dose of truth men can learn from, and "Summer Storm", a beautifully captured moment of self-love. Other outstanding stories are "Eye of the Beholder", a look at man-to-man passion, and "Maia’s Perfect Hands", an emotionally-charged tale of a woman who doesn't see herself as she really is, and a man too shy to let her know how he feels. With characters and settings as diverse as the sexual persuasions explored, Suddenly Sexy is a collection to be thoroughly enjoyed by lovers of erotic fiction."

Kate Hill, Editor of Anxiety Publications, Author of The Darkness Therein and The Immaculate

The New Poetry Book & CD
Unveiling Venus

Unveiling Venus is is Jamie Joy's handmade, artsy limited edition chapbook of nineteen poems, songs and very short prose that chronicles the sexual and self-discovery of a woman. It contains both graphically erotic, psychological and tragic material and is available in audio CD recorded by Oceania.

Unveiling Venus is purchasable by check, debit or credit card via PayPal. You can also follow this link to listen to and read samples, to read reviews, and to get more information.

Retail price: Chapbook 12.00, Audio CD 15.00, Set of Both 25.00, all with FREE SHIPPING

Jamie Joy signs her first hard copy collection contract with the esteemed Circlet Press, headed by Cecilia Tan. Jamie Joy's full length dark tragic-erotic collection, Sex Noir: Stories of Sex, Death and Loss will be released in October 2002. This collection combines tragic, highly erotic and psychological horror pieces. Available in hard back.

A Trip to San Francisco! October, 2001 closed a deal with Bill Brent of Black Books to co-edit an anthology with M. Christian entitled Vixens and Villains: an erotic celebration of the scoundrel which is both dark, humorous and sexy.  The book is scheduled for release in 2002.

The Small Presses:


Tears on Black Roses is a comb-bound anthology by the micro-publisher, Anxiety Press, edited by Kate Hill. Includes Jamie Joy's horror-erotica thriller "Dahlia" which also happens to be Jamie Joy's personal favorite of her stories.

Parchment Symbols, a hard copy zine also run by Kate Hill published Jamie Joy's short story, "My Mistress is Dead."

Black Sheets

Black Sheets editor Bill Brent first published Jamie Joy Gatto and she'll never forget it! Since 1998, Jamie Joy has been a regular contributor to Black Sheets publishing reviews, fiction, dirty letters to the editor, and even sexy photos.

Anything That Moves, another terrific San Francisco bisexual magazine printed Jamie Joy's updated essay, "Am I a Swinger? You Tell Me...".

In the Works!

A Call For Submissions Celebrate Sex: Sex Positive People Speak Out edited by Jamie Joy Gatto. Follow link for complete guidelines. JJG is currently putting together a proposal for interested publishers. Look for more news in 2002.

My Favorite Art Links:

King Velveeda's 
Cheesy Graphics
Geoff Cordner's 
Punk Erotic
Adrian Welch's 
Dark Room Designs
Kattaryna Breaux's 
Sensual Portfolio

I took the Slut Test, and it was determined that I am sluttier than 93% of the rest of the world.
937 women agreed with me, and chose "Tim Curry" as the best sex option of all time.
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Blue Ribbon Campaign

Are you concerned about your right to surf adult sites without censorship? I am. That is why I 
joined the Blue Ribbon 
Online Free Speech Campaign

The Web Magazines:
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Mind Caviar

Jamie Joy Gatto co-originated Mind Caviar, "dedicated to sensual pleasures of all types for intelligent and discriminating readers." She continues to edit, create, code and write for this popular adult quarterly webzine about "Food, Sex, Literature and Art."

Ophelia's Muse

Her love of the tragic combined with the sensual  inspired Jamie Joy to create Ophelia's Muse, a tiny biannual webzine of erotic tragedies, beautifully designed with classical quotes and Pre-Raphaelite art.

A Bi-Friendly Place

Once Jamie Joy's simple home page, her cry to meet other bisexuals has turned to true activism. She now hosts this "Free Bi-Friendly Resource Center" on-line as well as a 300+ member international bisexual newsgroup.

Custom Writing for You:

Jamie Joy is a staff as well as a featured "celebrity" author at Custom Erotica Source where you may commission her to turn your fantasies into professional erotic prose as a gift for yourself or for a loved one. The stories are then artfully bound into a lovely keepsake chapbook.

Custom Erotica Source

She also writes and records custom kinky audio regarding BDSM and other taboo fetishes for Yes Mistress Audio. Please visit to learn more about how she can turn your fetishes into a memorable CD.

Not sure these resources have what you need? Jamie Joy can custom write work for you. She has written custom erotica stories for many personal clients as well as for several companies. She's written everything from adult ad copy to dialogue for Penthouse DVDs to carefully crafted erotic love letters. Email Jamie Joy with your ideas!

Jamie Joy's Sex Columns:

Her essays and columns have been collected and published at Sexuality.org. The following columns appear quarterly or monthly both in hard copy and on-line:

Champagne Rouge appears quarterly in the webzine Mind Caviar addressing reader's questions with well-researched and compassionate sex advice.

Power Principles is a look at the sexual, spiritual and practical side of BDSM. Appears quarterly in the nationally distributed  BDSM magazine from T.E.S. called Prometheus.

Twisted Urges: Where Society and the Sexual Meet is a sociological exploration of how American society views and treats all things sexual. It appears quarterly in the webzine suspect thoughts

Ask Jamie Joy is a column for bisexuals and couples; a sexual question and answer forum which runs monthly at Three Pillows and at the new paysite Couple's Secret.

On-Line Magazines & Resources:

Jamie Joy's work has been included in:

A Bi-Friendly Place
Brilliant Smut
Clean Sheets
Dare Mag
Erotica Reader's Association
Mind Caviar
Ophelia's Muse
Scarlet Letters
Slow Trains
suspect thoughts
Three Pillows
Venus or Vixen?
Yes Mistress Audio

Professional Organizations:

National Writers Union
Member 1998, 1999, 2000

Loyola Writing Institute
Short fiction writer's workshop off-campus with author Patti Friedmann, Fall 1996, Spring 1997, Fall 1997

Luna Writing Group
Charter Member 1997-1998

People Exchanging Power
Nancy Ava Miller's Professional BDSM Organization, Professional Phone Counselor and Dominant, 1999

Email Jamie Joy
She'd love to hear from you!

Jamie Joy Gatto is included in the Authors of Literary Erotica Net Ring.

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Thank you for visiting my site!
~Jamie Joy

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April 21, 2002

The Anthologies:
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Jamie Joy's work has been included in two 2002 Lambda Literary Award Nominee Anthologies.

Newest Release!
Psychology Text Book

The Use of Personal Narratives in the Helping Professions: A Teaching Casebook
(Haworth Press, 2002) A psychology text book edited by Jessica Heriot, PhD.LCSW-C and Eileen Polinger, PhD LCSW-C includes Ms. Gatto's two short shorts, "The Shape of Things" and "The Color of Disorder."

* Nominated for a 2002*
Lambda Literary Award
Lesbian Anthology Category

Love Shook My Heart II: Lesbian Love Stories (Alyson, January  2002) Edited by Jess Wells. Read Jamie Joy's romantic bittersweet short story, "Waiting for Claudette."


Guilty Pleasures is the latest anthology edited by M. Christian. Read Jamie Joy's campy "The Adventures of a Bi Slut Dolly" to find out what her true, real-life sexual indulgence is.

* Nominated for a 2002*
Lambda Literary Award 
Bisexual Category

Best Bisexual Erotica 2 is the second in a series by Bill Brent & Carol Queen, as well as Jamie Joy's second time included in this popular anthology. Read her hot * hot  * hot "Cirque du Trois"a MMF circus experience you won't forget.


Greg Wharton's first little masterpiece, Of the Flesh: Dangerous New Fiction. Jamie Joy's decidedly dangerous tale, "Avatar" will haunt you with its aching situations and rich imagery.


Clean Sheet's Editors Susannah Indigo and Brian Peters showcase the best of their popular weekly online erotica magazine in From Porn to Poetry: Clean Sheets Celebrates the Erotic Mind. Jamie Joy's "Mary For Breakfast"is included-- a witty little short short that's lots of fun!

best bisexual erotica

Best Bisexual Erotica: a groundbreaking collection. Jamie Joy Gatto's playful "Pissing in the Men's Room" creates a whole new image for the term "fag hag."

unlimited desires

Unlimited Desires: an International Anthology of Bisexual Erotica includes Jamie Joy's teasing "Last Call" set in a sultry barroom of uptown New Orleans.

the unmade bed

Jamie Joy's book debut, The Unmade Bed,  includes an edited version of her bisexual story, "Last Call."

More Anthologies Forthcoming:

Sizzlers Erotic eBook Anthology
(Renaissance E-Publishing eBook, 2002)
Edited by Jean Marie Stine
Two short stories, "Eye of the Beholder" and "Benediction"

Best SM Erotica
(Black Books, 2002)
Edited by M. Christian
Short story, "Liquid Kitten"

Ripe Fruit
(Cleis Press, 2003)
Edited by Marcy Sheiner
Short story, "A Wardrobe of Souls"

SM Dreams
(Circlet, 2003)
Edited by Cecila Tan
Short story, "Liquid Kitten"

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