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Site Requirements:

In order for your site to be considered for inclusion in this ring, you must be a published author, editor or legitimate publisher or promoter of Literary Erotica. By "published" we mean that your work must have appeared in at least one legitimate publication, either paying or non-paying, on-line or printed in hard copy. Postings to newsgroups, letters to the editor, and/or writings for your own personal Web site will not be considered "legitimately published" with respect to our requirements to join this Web Ring. 

For consistent quality, and to insure our viewers ease of navigation and enjoyment, we strictly require you to post the ring code on your main page, rather than on a "Web Rings Only" page.

Our Goals: 

Author/Editor Jamie Joy Gatto created this Web Ring to create a high-quality ring where published erotica authors may showcase their work, publication credits, network with other authors and editors, create interest in their art and craft, list submissions guidelines, sell their books, and include their on-line magazines for others with similar interests to view and enjoy. 

Author Requirements:

In order to be considered for inclusion in this web ring, you must submit your current bio, including recent publication credits to the Ring Master. If you are not sure about whether or not you are legitimately published, or whether or not your writing falls within our categories listed, or if you have a category you'd like us to consider, please contact the Ring Master, Tina Hess with your query. 

We only accept sites of authors, editors, zines and other promoters and publishers of Literary Erotica and its sub-genres such as:
  • Erotic Poetry
  • Erotic Short Fiction, Short Shorts, Novels and Novellas
  • Erotic eBooks
  • S/M Erotica
  • Queer Erotica
  • Experimental/Flash Erotica
  • Audio Erotica
  • Erotic (explicit) Romance
  • On-line magazines dedicated to publishing Erotica
  • Any legitimate publisher of Erotica
  • Sites dedicated to promoting or reviewing Erotica stories, books, sites, etc.
  • Guidelines or writing tips, or contests for Erotica authors

We do not accept sites of authors who primarily specialize in writing:
  • Fan Fic
  • "Letters to Penthouse" style porn
  • "True Confession" style writing
  • Traditional Romance 
  • Writing that is not erotic or sexually explicit. 
  • Writing that is primarily racist, homophobic, misogynistic, rape fantasy oriented, or paedophilic in nature.
  • Sites that have nothing to do with erotica writing.
  • Sites of unpublished writers will absolutely not be considered.

We Do Not Accept:


We regret we are unable to include writers whose first publication is currently pending. Once you are published, you may submit your site for consideration. We will not consider erotic art sites unless they are also accompanied by erotic writing. We will not accept sites which are on-line stores, or of which the sole or primary purpose is to sell a product(s) unless the product is the author's book or another literary-related product. We will not accept pay sites of any nature, unless your site also has a "free" section. Not sure if you qualify? Contact the Ring Master.

How To Sign Up:

Once you are certain your site qualifies for inclusion to this Web Ring, please email Tina Hess, the Ring Master. This ring is by invitation only, so you must ask to join it.

If you are not certain, or if you still have questions regarding our membership requirements and policies, please do not hesitate to contact the Ring Master. She will return your queries promptly.

What To Do Next:

Once your site is hand-added to the queue, you will get a code by email to then add to your site from Ringsurf. As soon as your site has the added the ring code and required graphic in place on the front page of your site, (do not add to a "Web Rings Only" page, or you will be disqualified) please contact the Ring Master immediately with notification. Make sure to let her know you have added your code. She will then activate your membership, as long as your site qualifies for inclusion to the ring. This process may take a few days as we review your site and writing credits, so please be patient. 

Now you may enjoy the company and comraderie of being in a high quality, exclusive ring with fellow writers who share your interests! May your hits soar and your contacts increase. 

Best Wishes,
Tina Hess, Ring Master

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