Unveiling Venus
Jamie Joy Gatto

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What others say about Unveiling Venus:

~M. Christian, Author/Editor of Dirty Words, The Burning Pen, Guilty Pleasures, and over 100 published short stories writes:

"Sure Jamie Joy Gatto is brilliant, her writing sparkles, crackles and sizzles like no other; absolutely her characters are alive, living long in the mind after the book's been closed; her poetry sings like the finest nightingale -- but what's even more remarkable is that she seems to do all these wonders so effortlessly.  When I pick up something from Jamie Joy, I know long before I start to read that I'm in for a special treat. Do yourself a favor and buy this book and anything else that features some of her great writing -- I can guarantee that when you finish you won't be the same, you'll be better."

~ Sage Vivant, Author, Editor and originator of Custom Erotica Source writes:

"... Unveiling Venus ... is a finely sharpened, professional tool that unexpectedly exposes the reader's own vulnerabilities. Jamie Joy's observations about pain, love, sex, and abandonment make us face what all our artifice struggles so valiantly against. I defy anyone to read this honest little book without feeling that shortness of breath that comes when a skillful writer suddenly begins writing about the reader."

~Aldonza, Author, Columnist, Reviewer writes: 

"Unveiling Venus is harrowing and joyful, and oh so feminine-familiar. I remember so much now-- things I SHOULD remember-- about the journey of girl to woman to creator/survivor. Little girl escaping to nature's protective cover; tears wiped with grass-stained fingers. Oh, Jamie Joy, I remember. You reminded me of my ugly unworthiness exposed to a boy who probably forgot me five minutes after goodbye– my fault of course. And oh, the all-consuming relentless lust for someone who's flesh seems to pulse and tease me invisibly every moment I'm awake, everywhere I am, every time I dream. I remember the constant, moist fog of that now. Then, the intellectual reasoning I went through trying to turn that lust into something more solid, protective-- reliable? 

Loss! Lost energy, hopes, pride; try again; use what was learned. Jamie Joy will remind you, too with this confessional journey."

~ M. J. Stinley of Oakland, CA US (a reader) writes:

"Thank you for sending Unveiling Venus. I was surprised at the beauty and quality of the book. After listening to Oceania's recording, I was stunned. I cannot imagine having the book without the CD. I was also surprised that the non-erotic pieces moved me as much as the erotic poems."

~S. P. of Toronto, Canada (a reader) writes:

"The beautiful chiffon ribbon that binds the book and the unexpected silver seal makes it an exquisite gift. Please send me an additional book and CD for a gift order, and inscribe it to..."

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About the Book Unveiling Venus:
a woman's journey of sexual and self discovery

This artsy little book chronicles one woman’s journey of sexual and self-discovery in nineteen original poems, songs and short prose infused with sensuality by widely published erotica author Jamie Joy Gatto (Best Bisexual Erotica 1 & 2, Best SM Erotica, The Unmade Bed, Guilty Pleasures, Of the Flesh, etc.) and editor of  Mind Caviar. Unveiling Venus includes tragic, psychological and sexually graphic pieces. Artfully bound and handmade, all copies are hand signed and numbered by the author. Click TO READ AN EXCERPT "Sex Incarnate" a poem included in Unveiling Venus.

Unveiling Venus is also available on audio CD interpreted
in sadly haunting and highly sexual vocals by recording artist Oceania, who is known as “The Voice of Erotica.” Click to LISTEN TO AN EXCERPT of "Sex Incarnate".

It's All About Style:
Beautifully Hand-crafted-- the perfect gift!

Each forty-page book is covered in linen-style chili pepper red cover weight paper, carefully bound with elegant black chiffon. All books are hand signed and numbered in silver ink. Each book is sealed with a scallop-shell silver seal. The cover art is a sensual portrait of Jamie Joy Gatto created by Mia Jennings.

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