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sex writer Clean Sheets

 An Erotic Feast Trilogy:  (Summer 2001)
short shorts now available in eBook Suddenly Sexy

A Basket Full of Surprises
Mary for Breakfast
Mitsu at the Market

Hungry (Fall 2001)
short short selected for forthcoming collection Sex Noir (Circlet 2002)
sex writer Mind Caviar (Coming Soon)

sex writer Moondance

Call Me a Woman (Winter 2000)
short prose

Tenacity, Won Honor of "Best of Theme" (Summer 2001)
prose poetry now available in hard copy Unveiling Venus

sex writer Ophelia's Muse
No Words Left (May 2001)
short fiction

Litany For The Muse of Tragedy (May 2001)
poetry selected for forthcoming collection Sex Noir (Circlet 2002)

Desiderata (May 2002)
song & poetry

sex writer Peacockblue
Sex Incarnate Written Word (Fall 2000)
poetry now available in hard copy Unveiling Venus

Sex Incarnate Audio on MP3 (Fall 2000)
poetry now available on Audio CD Unveiling Venus

Oh, Lita (Summer 2001)

sex writer Sliptongue

Interview of Jamie Joy with R. S. Leyse (February 2002)

sex writer Slow Trains Literary Journal

Read My Mind (Summer 2001)
short fiction
sex writer suspect thoughts: a journal of subversive writing
Twisted Urges #6 (January 2002)
A Smut Writer is Born
Twisted Urges #5 (October 2001)
Gray Areas of Gender: America's Dirty Little Secret

Twisted Urges #4 (July 2001)
Confessions of a Gender Dysphoric Girl 

Twisted Urges #3 (April 2001)
Kissing Cousins: When Little Girls Grow Up

Twisted Urges #2 (January 2001)
One Tough Cookie! On Bisexuality

Twisted Urges #1 (October 2000)
Was It Only a Dream? On Wilhelm Reich

Verbosity (April 2001)
short fiction selected for forthcoming collection Sex Noir (Circlet 2002)

Quarter Past Four (October 2000)
short fiction selected for forthcoming collection Sex Noir (Circlet 2002)

Interview of Jamie Joy by Greg Wharton (November 2002)

sex writer Venus or Vixen?

To Run With Anguish (October 2002)

sex writer Yes Mistress Audio

Worship Me (Fall 2001) 
under the pseudonym "Mistress Enchantress"

Did You Know?

Jamie Joy's primary specialty lies in writing short fiction and short shorts, which touch on the erotic as well as the tragic, and often the horrific. She also loves to create psychological work, creating characters on the brink of emotional breakthrough. Not all of her writing deals with sex or eroticism.

Jamie Joy is available to make personal appearances, to teach adult sexuality interactive workshops, for erotica writing courses, book signings, readings and more. 

Some of her more popular courses and workshops have been SM for Beginners and Getting in Touch With Your Erotic Self, Part One & Two. Click HERE to read more about Jamie Joy's terrific sex-positive workshops. She offers them free to non-profit, sex-positive organizations who cannot afford payment.

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