Jamie Joy Gatto

is a New Orleans poet and writer, bisexual advocate, and activist, sex-writer, columnist, webzine editor and designer. She is available for hire to create custom erotica, literary fiction, non-fiction articles, essays, reviews and well-researched advice concerning sexuality, gender issues and sexual philosophy. 

Her primary specialty lies in writing short fiction and short shorts, which touch on the erotic as well as the tragic, and often the horrific. She also loves to create psychological work, creating characters on the brink of emotional breakthrough. 

Jamie Joy is available to make personal appearances, to teach adult sexuality interactive workshops, for erotica writing courses, book signings, readings and more. 

Some of her more popular courses and workshops have been SM for Beginners and Getting in Touch With Your Erotic Self. Click HERE to read more about Jamie Joy's terrific sex-positive workshops. She offers them free to non-profit, sex-positive organizations who cannot afford payment.

Web Jewelry What's New? Summer-Fall 2001

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Unveiling Venus is a handmade, limited edition chapbook of poetry, prose and song now available for purchase. Click Here to find out more about this book. Make sure you reserve your copy, as it will be a limited run publication.

A brand new e-book is in the works! Suddenly Sexy: Erotic Flash Fiction by Jamie Joy Gatto will be available for purchase on-line by the year's end.  It will contain 30 delicious stories for you to gobble up, with a sexy, knock-out cover by the talented Lady Mia Jennings.

A trip to San Francisco! Jamie Joy is invited to perform at Clean Sheets benefit October 14, 2001 at Cafe du Nord. She will be reading fiction and poetry before a live audience along with such erotica luminaries as Susannah Indigo, Carol Queen, M. Christian, Marcy Sheiner, Bill Brent; Bill Noble & Cara Bruce will emcee. What an honor! What a fun night!

Circlet Press will be publishing Jamie Joy's first collection of short fiction, Sex Noir: Stories of Sex, Death and Loss, Spring 2002. She signed her contract with Cecilia Tan at Circlet June 20, 2001.

Jamie Joy's short fiction will soon be featured in the following forthcoming anthologies, all due out in 2001 and early 2002: 
  • Best Bisexual Erotica 2, (Black Books/Circlet) 
  • Love Shook My Heart II, (Alyson),
  • Best SM Erotica, (Black Books) 
  • SM Dreams (Circlet Press) 
  • Guilty Pleasures: True Tales of Erotic Indulgences (Black Books)
  • Of the Flesh: Dangerous New Fiction  (suspect thoughts press)
  • Tender Moments  (International Library of Poetry)
  • Lifestories: Case Work in the First Person (Haworth Press) This is a psychology text book

Online Erotica by JJG this Summer-Fall

X-Muse  How do you worship the goddess? Oceania's artfully done pay sex site, worth every nickle! All original material. June 2001, Jamie Joy's short short "Water Me" debut.

Moondance Ezine "Celebrating Creative Women" Tenacity, a literary short short by JJG was chosen as Best of Theme in the Song & Story section for Summer 2001.

suspect thoughts: a journal of subversive writing launches a new "Twisted Urges: Where Society and the Sexual Meet #4" column exposing and exploring the roots of  gender dysphoria July 1, 2001.

Slow Trains non-erotic literary magazine premeires August 2001 edited by Susannah Indigo of Clean Sheets, and features a short story by Jamie Joy, "Read My Mind" debut.

Peacockblue will feature a new previously unpublished bisexual poem, "Lita" in the September 2001 Issue.

Jamie Joy's poetry, as well as her husband's, Alex Gatto, will be appearing in Tender Moments, a collection by the International Library of Poetry to be released Summer 2001. In addition to being published in the book, her poem, "There's No Place Like Home" will be one of only 33 select poems in the collection to be recorded in audio format. 

Where can you purchase Jamie Joy's work for your own? 

Yes Mistress Audio Launches! Hire Jamie Joy or oceania to craft your wickedest BDSM fantasies. We offer a 2500 custom word story recorded on an erotic audio CD of your unbridled fantasy for one low price of 200.00. Custom-tailored to your delight... listen to your kinky fantasies come true!

Free Sample! Listen as Web Mistress and Voice Master, oceania offers her audio rendition (mp3) of Jamie Joy's poem, "Sex Incarnate" at Peacockblue for your aural stimulation. Free download.

Jamie Joy is featured as both a staff and celebrity author available for hire at Custom Erotica Source, a specialty resource where you may purchase her custom-designed professional erotica writing for yourself, or as a gift for your loved one. 250.00 per 3000 word story, artfully bound and presented. Custom erotic illustrations are available at an extra charge.

Editorial Projects in the works this Summer-Fall: 

She is co-editing an anthology with M. Christian: Villains and Vixens: An Erotic Celebration of the Scoundrel. Submissions are currently closed as we seek a suitable publisher.

A Call For Submissions Celebrate Sex: Activists Speak Out edited by Jamie Joy Gatto. Follow link for complete guidelines. This summer JJG will be putting together a proposal for interested publishers. 

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