Mind Caviar, Vol. I Premiere Issue, Winter 2000

Links to Sexuality, Beauty and Indulgence

Sexy Sites for Women

Erotica Reader's Association
Also a Resource for Writers

Black Books
Bill Brent's site for Black Sheets and more

Scarlet Letters
The Journal of Femmerotica. Read Jamie Joy's Column, "Power Principles"

Terrific sexual resources for teens

Jane's Net Guide
Reviews & Links for Adult Websites

Clean Sheets
More Women's Erotica, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Ed.

Sex for the Well-Rounded

Mode Magazine
The New Shape in Fashion

Pat's Web Graphics
Gorgeous Flower Graphics

Where Decadence Leads to Enlightenment
A Bisexuality Resource

Black Light Records
Gothic & Industrial Music

Cheesy Graphics
Incredibly Fun Erotic Art

Brunching Shuttlecocks
Dark, Cerebral Comedy

Image Fugace
Sensual Art Photography

Blithe House Quarterly
Gay and Lesbian Short Fiction

Susie Bright
The Diva of Sexual Politics

Carol Queen
Dr. Carol's Home Page

Lady Lynx
Adult Sites Designed for Women

Sex, News, Links and More

Good Vibrations
The Authority on Sex Toys

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