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The Irrelevance of Gender
A memoir by Kythryne Aisling

In Search of the 'Gay Gene'
A look at possible evolutionary reasons for bisexuality
by Jack Lucentini/The Washington Post

Busting Bi Myths
An eye-opening article by Karen Stern

Bisexuality Defined
excerpted from Completely Queer Encyclopedia

Bisexual Activism
our struggle for recognition
excerpted from Completely Queer Encyclopedia

Bill Brent on Bisexuality
a truly smart editorial
excerpted from Black Sheets Magazine, "Damn Bisexuals II"

Opening Up Sexual Orientation to Choice
an article especially for women
excerpted from Our Bodies, Our Selves: for the new century

Who's Afraid of Bisexuals?
unfortunately many gays, straights and lesbians... read on

How Do I Know if I'm Bi?
not so sure? take the tests

Autobiography of a Bi Woman
by Rae of Rae's Tribune at PolyBi.com

Same Sex Civil Unions
Vermont's recent ruling has changed our lives as Americans
We can now choose our spouses without regard to gender

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