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A Bi-Friendly Place is a meeting place for Bi-friendly people of all genders and orientations. This is not a newsletter. In order to make this a dynamic forum, you must post and participate, send in your letters. Each member counts. That means your opinions and questions do matter. 

Got a bi-friendly article to share? Tidbits of advice? Bi-friendly events, meetings, groups, conferences, calls for bi literature submissions? Bi articles are encouraged. Post them here. We'd love to see what you've got!

Want to meet others? While this is not a dating or swingers list, we encourage members to post their general location by state or by country and personal e-mail addresses for others to communicate with you. If you'd like to have cyber sex or send lusty e-mails, please do it "off the list" and in private. While we think sex is both healthy and fun, we do want to be able to keep this list open to ages 17 and up, since it is primarily an educational and idea exchange forum. 

Pictures of a non-X-rated nature may be posted on our shared files area, so we can see your smiling face! However, we do not allow pictures or attachments in list posts. We don't want forwarded jokes, virus alerts, cookie recipes, make a wish e-mails, "send this to everyone you know or you'll be cursed" e-mails from hell, either. There is a strict NO SPAM policy at Yahoo Groups which we adhere to adamantly. That means you don't get Spammed, either. We NEVER share your e-mail address with anyone for any reason. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up below, it's free, it's fun! 
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