How Do I Know If I'm Bi?

Sounds like a silly question to most of us, right? Well, I suppose there are a lot of folks into labels that simply want some expert advice about their sexuality. If you can't follow your own heart, trust your inner longings & lust, then here are some expert ways to know thyself:

What is the Kinsey Scale?
Dr. Alfred Kinsey created a scale, graduated between heterosexuality and homosexuality, to rate individuals on actual experiences and psychological reactions. The ratings are as follows:

 0   Entirely heterosexual.

 1   Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual.

 2   Predominantly heterosexual, but with a distinct homosexual history.

 3   Equally heterosexual and homosexual.

 4   Predominantly homosexual, but with a distinct heterosexual history.

 5   Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual.

 6   Entirely homosexual.

Clearly anything above 0 and less than 6 can be defined as bisexual. Although many people will say "I am Kinsey (whatever)," it should be noted that subsequent researchers such as Klein have found it more useful to rate people on a variety of levels, such as "Past History," "Present History," "Present Feelings," and "Future Inclinations".
(Taken from the FAQ)

I have to disagree with Dr. Kinsey in these respects: what about celibacy? what about longing? what about attraction and fantasy? His scale provides only for actual encounters. Why not just say, if you like both sexes in a sexual way,
(not necessarily equally) you are bisexual? Makes more sense to me.

  • Another way to help you sort out your sexual inclinations with a more detailed, precise test is The Klein Sexual Orientation Scale. This may be your best bet, although it's very comprehensive and lengthy. Highly recommended.
  • For a complete personality test which can help define your spiritual, vocational and personality inclinations, try the The Keirsey Character Sorter. This is a fun one to take!

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