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bisexual My Pen Frankie: or Along the Transgender Divide bisexual
by Jean Marie Stine


My Pen Frankie: or Along the Transgender Divide

My boyfriend is a girl...

No, that's not right
"boyfriend" has the right ring
but "girl" is too dismissive

My manfriend is a woman...

It's politically right
but feels poetically awkward

My manfriend is a woman...

Wait a minute,
she says she's not always my man friend
she still has a female side
but to make clear it is lesbian, 
not heterosexual
she wouldn't want to have sex with a straight male
because he might perceive her as female 
and project female memes on her
she wouldn't mind being done up the butt
by a gay guy, though 
if he saw her as a boy

My manfriend/lesbian lover is a woman...

Her androgynous side just plucked my sleeve
it didn't want to be forgotten either
she says that's what she identifies as most
she'd just as soon as be perceived as androgynous
with no specific gender of any kind projected on her
but she would like to take testosterone some time
if she didn't have to lie to the doctor and swear she was going to 
permanently change to a male
but I do think of myself as a boy, pure boy
that's what I am, she says

My manfriend/lesbian lover/androgynous partner is a woman

She also says she would prefer 
if I referred to her as "he" throughout
but the syntax is getting twisted enough already
Alternately I was going to tell you about two friends of ours:
sometimes she is the boy and sometimes he is the girl
and sometimes she is the girl and he is the boy
but that didn't seem like it was going to turn out any better

put it this way:

My butchfriend is named Frankie...
he's my daddy
and my boy

That says it all
I think I will stop here
without any references to dildos
and quit while I am ahead

Copyright © 2003 Jean Marie Stine. All Rights Reserved. 

bisexualAbout The Author:
Jean Marie Stine is currently Editor and Associate Publisher of Renaissance E Books, which issues in 8 electronic formats literary erotica under its Sizzler imprint, and mainstream mystery, science fiction, and romance under its PageTurner imprint.  She is also the author of the erotic transgender sci-fi classic Season of the Witch, which has recently been filmed as the motion picture "Synapse."  Her erotic novels and story collections, Season of the Witch, Thrill City, and Trans-Sexual are all available through Renaissance E Books.  Her work has appeared in Amazing Stories, Eros, Transformation, Galaxy, Transgender and Cavalier; along with quality electronic journals such as suspect thoughts, LesbiNation, NestfullOVipers, Blood Moon, and Mind Caviar.

bisexualAbout The Poem:
The preceeding poem was written for Dorthea Lasky and Laura Solomon's English 297F: "Unwrapping the Myth of the Female Poet".

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