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bisexualWhatever She Wearsbisexual
by Greg Wharton


Last year on the anniversary of our first date, Megan surprised me by wearing edible underwear to our celebration dinner out. Once we got back home and I realized what she was wearing, I was absolutely pumped with excitement. It also explained why she had been sitting funny throughout the evening. They were rather stiff, but she stated that she wanted to get them worn in before "dessert." Though the underwear itself was nasty, it did lead to hours of carnivorous activity on both our parts. I tasted the sticky licorice and her pussy for days afterward. 

She vowed to always surprise me by wearing something unexpected each year as an anniversary gift. 

Tonight's our anniversary, and again, Megan surprised me. Boy, did she surprise me! I didn't even recognize her when she walked in and sat down at the table across from me, and before I could say "Excuse me sir, butů " I realized it was her. She had shaved her hair into a burr haircut and had
applied sideburns and a moustache. Her breasts are small and the jacket she wore hid them completely. Throughout dinner, to my surprise, I found myself getting turned on thinking about Megan as a man and what we would do when we got home. What would it be like to kiss her lips and feel a moustache? What would it feel like to kiss a man?

Megan enjoyed her performance. Besides a few embarrassing moments when the waiter came to our table and found us holding hands, I enjoyed it too. I spent my entire dinner hard.

When we got up from the table to leave, I saw that she was also hard. The oversized jeans that she was wearing had a definite bulge in the crotch. On the cab ride back to our apartment, she placed my hand on her cock and moaned in my ear as I rubbed it. I was delirious as we stroked each other's hard cocks and kissed. The cab driver kept staring at us in the mirror,  which made me a little nervous but seemed to only turn Megan on more.

Once inside, she immediately made me kneel before her. "Take my cock out baby, I want you to suck me" she said as I unzipped her and pulled out the huge black appendage she had strapped on to her body. Not used to performing oral sex on a cock, it took me a little time before I could swallow more
than a little without gagging. She urged me on with "Oh yeah, suck me", and "You like sucking my big cock, don't you?" while guiding me with her hands on the back of my head. I got to the point where I could swallow all of her length. And I was hard, very hard! I had pulled out my own cock and had been
frantically pounding on it, and wasn't sure I wanted to stop when she pulled her cock out of my mouth and said "Take off your clothes and lay on the bed babe." 

She stripped for me slowly, and I continued to fuck my cock with my fist, several times having to stop myself quickly before shooting. She looked so hot standing by the bed wearing nothing but a huge hard-on. I was having sex with a man without cheating on my girlfriend! She told me to get on all
fours, and placed her mouth to my ass. Although nervous at first, I soon began to loosen up as she fucked my ass with her tongue and fingers. "You like that, baby?" she said as she wiggled her fingers in and out of my tight asshole. I did! My cock was dripping wet and pounding with excitement.

I have never felt anything so intense as when Megan stuck her cock in me. She had been fingering me for a long time, and although I never expected it to, it slid in easily. The rush of sensation was overwhelming. I came instantly when she banged the full length into me! She stayed in me, I stayed hard, and when I came the second time while screaming "Yes, fuck me harder Megan, fuck me harder!" she came too.

I'm not sure Megan can top this year's surprise next year, but I'm ready for anything she comes up with and whatever she wears.

Copyright © 2000 Greg Wharton. All Rights Reserved. 

bisexualAbout The Author:

Greg Wharton is the founder/editor of suspect thoughts: a journal of
subversive writing.  He is a Development Manager for a nonprofit arts education organization by day, husband of 18 years to an extraordinary man, father to two cats, avid antique toy collector, tennis junkie, and writer. He lives in Chicago and travels, usually in his mind, throughout North America and the world.

His writing has been or will be featured in Black Sheets, Blue Food, and Mach; online at The Church-Wellesley Review, Mind Caviar, Redsine, Scarlet Letters, and Venus or Vixen?; and in the anthology Quickies 2: Short Short Fiction on Gay Male Desire.

bisexualAbout The Story:
The preceeding story was first published in Black Sheets #16 Spring 2000. 

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