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Unlimited Desires: 
An International Anthology of Bisexual Erotica
Edited by Laurence Brewer, Kevin Lano, Trish Oak
Published by BiPress, London, 2000
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Reviewed by Cassandra Snow

Although one can’t help but to applaud any collection of bisexual writing for making a presence within the literary marketplace, the newly-released Unlimited Desires: An International Anthology of Bisexual
Erotica rises above virtually all others within its burgeoning genre with intelligence, authenticity and far-reaching erotic impact.

From the precise, razor-sharp strokes of Thomas Roche (Who could resist?) to Raven Kaldera’s dynamic intensity, the tales woven within Unlimited Desires speak of the many facets of bisexual relationships and lustful encounters while bringing the reader to the heights of vicarious ecstasy. Without fail, each work within the collection illuminates a basic yet profound truth, whether it be the struggle for identity, trepidation in the face of a perceived outcome or the sheer rapture of a long-awaited touch.

Yet, let us not forget to mention, the stories sizzle! These are undeniably some of the hottest, most luscious tales ever told.

Speaking of luscious … MindCaviar Editrix Jamie Joy Gatto also makes a presence within the volume with her work entitled “Last Call.”

According to Jamie Joy, her involvement with the project emerged from a long-held desire to lend credence to the lifestyle she, her husband and numerous other men and women throughout the world have chosen.

“Finding myself in a world that often doubts that the possibility of my
specific preference – bisexuality – even exists, I feel compelled to
write about my life and lust experiences, and in doing so I also
advocate for other bisexuals,” Jamie Joy said. “Bi-visibility is very
important to me. It helps to make me feel anchored and real.”

Indeed, given the remarkable talents contributing to the genre, bisexual erotica is finally coming into its own – making evident the ecstatic rewards and intimacy to be enjoyed within one’s insatiable and unlimited desires.

Best Bisexual Erotica Best Bisexual Erotica 2000
Edited by Bill Brent and Carol Queen
Published by Black Books/Circlet Press, 2000

Reviewed by J. Wilbur

When I got Circlet Press's catalog at the end of 1999, I almost fell out of my chair with excitement when I saw that there was a book on bisexual erotica.  Imagine my disappointment when I saw that the book wasn't going to be published until January 2000.  I could hardly wait!  Then, of course, when 2000 finally did roll around, I had other things on my mind and forgot to get the book (can you believe it?).  Well, I finally did get a copy, and all I can say is, "What was I waiting for?" 

The stories are hot, hot, hot!!!  But then, what else can you expect from Bill Brent, editor of the sexy and literate mag Black Sheets, and Carol Queen, smut goddess extraordinaire, in a book published by the disseminator of fine filth, Circlet Press?  The stories are very well-written, with the high quality of work one expects from Circlet Press: the plots are interesting, the characters are three-dimensional and worth getting to know; this is not just cheap one-handed reading.  It's very well-crafted one-handed reading. 

Both of the editors contributed stories, as did Jamie Joy Gatto (cofounder of Mind Caviar), Bob Vickery (noted smutty author), Jill Nagle (author of Whores and Other Feminists), and my own personal favorite, Raven Kaldera (gender bender beauty), along with many others, with a brief bio at the end of each story, in case you want to learn more about the authors.

The stories themselves are as varied as the bis who wrote them.  Quite a few involve a couple picking up a third party, but these aren't your typical "guy likes to watch his girlfriend get it on with another chick" stories from Penthouse. The sex is hot, and the chemistry among the partners is
intense.  A number of stories also play with gender and gender roles in some way, which makes for pretty steamy reading.  Some stories trick with hot, rough, leather sex, while others are more vanilla (though hardly tame). Some stories are about group sex or threesomes, while others are about
couples only.  Whatever your sexual tastes are, you will find something here to tantalize and tease. 

You will also probably find something to shock you and make you squirm.  The editors did a good job of getting something for everybody.  Whether the characters are long-term committed partners or are having one-night stands, whether the action is male on male, female on female, mixed, or other, whether you prefer women, men, or "who cares?", this book has something for you.  Just flipping through this book as I write this review is difficult.  I keep stopping on especially juicy passages.  In fact, I really have to go now.  Enjoy.

Bi Any Other Name Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out
Edited by by Loraine Hutchins, Lani Ka'ahumanu
Published by Alyson Press, 1991

Reviewed by J. Wilbur

Loraine Hutchins' and Lani Ka'ahumanu's Bi Any Other Name is a classic in bisexual literature.  Known campily as the "Bi-ble" of the bi movement, the book was put together in 1991 at a time when there were very few books on bisexuality available.  In fact, most bi books at the time were either scientific studies, like Fritz Klein's groundbreaking book The Bisexual Option, or discussions of open marriages and "swingers," like Kohn and Matuson's Barry and Alice.  Bi Any Other Name changed the face of bisexual literature by opening up the floor to all kinds of people to tell their stories.  Essays ranged from the story of a self-proclaimed "fag in a dyke's body" to the happily married, monogamous, male/female bisexual couple.  However you identify, however your bisexuality manifests itself, you are sure to find a kindred spirit in this book. Not only does this book allow a person to find her/himself within the bi community, it also lets readers know how diverse that community is.

Many of the contributors to this anthology are well-known names in the bi movement, including such notables as Carol Queen, bi activist Robyn Ochs, sex activist Annie Sprinkle, and authors Wayne Bryant, Amanda Udis-Kessler, and Elizabeth Reba Wise, but there are also "everyday" people whose names are not so well-known.  Each person is allowed to tell her/his story with no constraints or arbitrary editorial dictates. The true spirit of the person and the experience comes through.  Not all
lifestyles or experiences may be to everyone's taste, but the editors allow each person the freedom to be heard.

The book is divided into four sections, covering issues such as psychology, spirituality, the bisexual community, and politics; though, as with all things bi, the essays are not so easily categorized.  An
essay in the section on politics might also include the author's views on psychology or spirituality.  Some essays are more political, while others are more personal.  But all speak with intensity and the need to be heard. 

Since this book was published, there have been many books on bisexual lives printed (in fact, one is
even called Bi Lives), but Bi Any Other Name stands as a pioneer in bi literature.  Even with the relative wealth of bi books on the market today, Bi Any Other Name is a must-have for every bisexual's library.

bisexualAbout Cassandra Snow
Cassandra Snow has worked in various forms of expression over the years– from poetry, playwriting and novel writing to dance, theatre and photography. A graduate of Northwestern University, Cassandra currently works as a freelance journalist/writer. In addition, she is the staff Web reviewer for Venus or Vixen? and the author of a collection of original poetry, two stage plays and numerous works which have appeared in publications throughout the U.S. and abroad. At present, she is working to bring her novel, Yogi Love, to completion. 

Cassandra finds her greatest bliss within her son, the aroma of nag champa, the divine act of creation and all things sensual.

bisexualAbout J. Wilbur
J has been reading for as long as she can remember and has been talking about books for almost as long.  After getting out of grad school, she has managed to parlay this interest into a career (sort of), teaching at various colleges around Houston and writing reviews for anyone who will listen, including "After Hours: Queer Radio with Attitude" on Houston's KPFT Pacifica station.  (She'll do anything for a free book.) 

She has been out as bi for 7 years now, though her history of crushes on women and men has been going on a lot longer.  Although activism runs in her family (her mother, older sister, and lover are all prominent activists), J prefers to be the support system for the radicals in her life.

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