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bisexualShe's My Loverbisexual
by Mia Jennings


She's more than just a mere fantasy
More than a dream weaved in my mind
Her lips are as soft and as red as rose petals
And her breath is as sweet as honey

She's more than just a vision
I can touch her soft, sun - kissed skin
And run my fingers through
Her curls of silky brown

She's more than just a thought
She stands before me and I undress her
Unveiling her delicate skin to my touch
I hear her gasp with excitement
And feel her tremble when I kiss her lips
Before I lay her down upon the bed

I know exactly what makes her moan with pleasure
By touching her breasts with my gentle hands
By tracing my fingers delicately over her erect nipples
Until I reach the outer edges of her firm, mounds of flesh
Soon my touch travels her skin so slightly
Down her firm belly
Until my hands are between her thighs
Spreading her open much like a flower in full bloom
In order to drink her sweet nectar with my tongue

Her body quivers with each lick
Her back arches high when she culminates
And her moans of pleasure heighten
Until she collapses into her pillow
Sighs and then smiles to me in gratitude

When she finishes quivering in bliss
She kisses me
With soft tenderness
And hunger…

She wants to please me
Like I've pleased her
So I permit her
She knows my body so well
For she's a woman just like me
She knows what I like and just how to touch
She knows how to love and exactly where to taste
She's more than just a fantasy
She's my lover.

Copyright © 2000 Mia Jennings. All Rights Reserved. 

bisexualForever His Concubinebisexual
by Mia Jennings


He's on the tip of my tongue
And has the flavor of eternity
His breath's so innocent
So fresh…
So sweet…
So pure…
Yet, tainted in ecstasy
His kiss is like a provocative flame
Which hypnotizes
And wraps me into his soul
Until I become his concubine
Like a snake seizes his prey
I'm now his love slave at his mercy
My heart is chained to his touch
And his tongue becomes torture
Sweet entrapment begins to tick
Upon the midnight hours
I'm now his ravished captive
And  he lasciviously licks
Until I quiver
He probes between my legs
Until I moan
He thrusts deeply in and out
Until I arch
And he caresses so gently
Until I purr
My soul's a prisoner to him
Held in constraints by his love
I'm his for I have no other choice
There's no one else who could
Make love to me as he does
And play me like a Master
Would an instrument
I'm forever his concubine
Mesmerized by his spell.

Copyright © 2000 Mia Jennings. All Rights Reserved. 

bisexualAbout The Author:
Mia Jennings' poetry has been recorded by and published on numerous occasions by the International Society of Poets.  She's been published in their Outstanding Poets for 1998 Anthology, and in Poet's Elite, Best Poets For the Year 2000, forthcoming. Besides writing and editing poetry for Mind Caviar, her work has appeared in The Famous Poet's Society, The Iliad Press, Sparrowgrass Poetry, The Phoenix Press, Lightverse and Webpoets.

Mia's inspired and sexy graphic artwork can be found throughout Mind Caviar or you may visit Mia's Erotic Art Portfolio on-line. Mia is also available for commissioning her work, and much of her artwork for sale.

bisexualAbout The Poem:
The preceeding poem is A Bi-Friendly Place exclusive.

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