Meet The Enchantress
Happy Domme!

My Kinky Alter-Ego
by Jamie Joy Gatto

What's a nice Bi Girl like me doing in leather Domme get up? Having lots of fun. Notice the smile? This Goddess loves to play, and play hard. But, that doesn't mean she has to be rude or serious, or terribly mean, at least not all the time. The role of "Bitch Goddess" works sometimes, in some scenes, with some players. I like to give myself room to breathe, room to play the way I want to, the way my partner(s) may want to. I like to wear different hats, so to speak (and corsets, and outfits and sometimes, nothing at all!).

Ah, the scent of leather...

That's what's so much fun about creative role playing. You can step into the role that defines a part of you that isn't always acknowledged, maybe a role you'd prefer not to play in real life. You can become someone or something new in an instant, for just one scene or one moment, or even keep that character within you alive each time you play. 

Spank me, baby!

Want to know my special kink? My secret fetish? It's really not so unusual: I like true Power Exchange, the real thing. "What's that," you say? It's when both (or all) parties are really getting what they want, feeling that sort of mind-meld exchange, becoming transformed somehow from the experience, losing ego and gaining that super-sexy spiritual high. "From endorphins," you wonder? Well, those juicy chemicals are great, but what I'm talking about is the chance to become a God or a Goddess through the encounter, the experience itself. "That's deep, " you think. But you want to know, "Where's the kinky lust?" and I say it's there, it's all in there, but it's beyond that and more. The best description I can give you is it's sacred, an act of sacred sex. That's what gets me off.

Worship at my feet!

You know what else gets me off? What's really, truly sexy to me? Gender play. Feminization. To me, that is the most exciting way to get into an act of the sacred: real role reversal. Not to mention the fact that it gets me hotter than hot, wetter than wet, Dommier than Domme. Boys can be my bitch or my little girl sluts, girls can be my Daddy... I can wear my cock and you can suck it... and you'd better be good at it, or you'll have a nasty red bottom to contend with... oh, honey, now we're talking! 

Now that I've got you all worked up and sweaty, go out and play. And remember to be safe as you need to, sane as you want to...and let go for goodness sakes!

Don't Even Think About Not Having Fun!

                    ...and most of all have some damn fun. Now, THAT'S AN ORDER!

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