Bi-Poetry at A Bi-Friendly Place

by Jamie Joy Gatto


On our first Anniversary
lying in bed
together as one
we admitted
you were missing.

The third in a perfect 
an equilateral love triangle:
our family 
our home
finding you created our tribe.

We wanted a man
to wake up with us
someone who was
and in love
with us both 

Where have you been?
We don't care
We are only happy
you are finally here
where you belong
with us

Come home, please.
Find your tribe...
Will you ever know 
how much we love you?

Copyright © 2000 Jamie Joy Gatto. All Rights Reserved. 

bisexualAbout The Author:
Jamie Joy Gatto is the mother of A Bi-Friendly Place, Mind Caviar and Ophelia's Muse. A Southern Gothic writer from New Orleans, she's also a sex educator and a bisexual activist. She believes in wearing lipstick and combat boots, Chanel and Doc Martens respectively.

Her short fiction has appeared in Best Bisexual Erotica 1 & 2, The Unmade Bed: Twentieth Century Erotica, Unlimited Desires: An International Anthology of Bisexual Erotica and many other books. Her work has also appeared numerous times in Black Sheets, and other zines, and is scheduled for a number of upcoming projects including co-editing an anthology with M. Christian, Villains and Vixens: An Erotic Celebration of the Scoundrel. She likes e-mail, and she likes to be called Jamie Joy. You can send correspondence (bouquets and/or brick bats) to: Email Jamie Joy.

bisexualAbout The Poem:
The preceeding poem is A Bi-Friendly Place exclusive. This poem is a call to action. 

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