Bisexual Inspired Poetry 

Gigi Raven Wilbur

Self-portrait by Gigi Raven Wilbur

Song of The Moon
by Gigi Raven Wilbur 

the campfire within the forest 
flames away the hazy darkness 
night magick envelops 

a boy stands erect 
a woman steps from the trees 
the wind brings cool movement 

i yearn to see moon light 
soaring to the silvery moon lining 
i call the primal song 
awaken moon boy 

lady of silver magick 
dancing with moon light 
through the mists 
to me near the flame 

the secret entrance opens 
bodies shimmer the clouds depart 

fire licks and swirls 
i open myself 
the rhythm begins

a kiss 
the moon shines her blessing 
my silvery shaft of light 
merges with semi-darkness 

we thrust the silver shafts 
bath us warm fluid 
of silver moon light 

we see beyond the whispering stars 
when i reach 
you both are here within 


by Gigi Raven Wilbur

one taps a stick 
upon a hollow log 
he sits in the shadows 
at the edge of the clearing 

dancing around the fire 
a deep chant 
resonates from his chest 
palmetto clothes rattle 
dry between his legs 

a boy fuels the fire 
burning a portion 
of the night 
and the darkness 
towards the fire 

the wind encircles 
the dancing boys 
a storyteller enters 
as the beat softens 
on the log 

the dancers never miss 
a hot breath 
entwine and weave 
the magick 
of the tales of 
nights long ago 

thunder rings out far away 

by Gigi Raven Wilbur

drink more giggle water 
her smile gleamed 
a mischievous whimper 
he made ready their playful diversion 
as i sparked the tinder in the hearth 

i stood warming by the fire 
a blindfold slipped across my face 
shoes and socks her fingers loosed 
shirt and pants whispered to the floor 
they led me to the place prepared; 
soft linens lined the nest 
i sat alone 

a feather danced upon my elbow 
a pine cone rolled inside my thigh 
a silken scarf drew swirling goose bumps 
from nipple to toe 
chilled champagne pooled in my belly button 

a diving tongue lapped me warm 
a necklace clinked and tangled my hair 
a kiss and i gulped more wine 
a laugh rolled metal balls down my spine 
warm custard puddled my bottom cheeks 
icy, sludgy wine melted my cock 
and my balls 
in slurping kisses 
with two across my lap 

the blindfold pulled away 

Copyright ©  2000 Gigi Raven Wilbur

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