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Tasha lives in the Chicago area, works as a receptionist. Her favorite poets are Annie Sexton and James Douglas Morrison. Her poetry has appeared in several online webzines (under the pen names: Tasha, Petra Klein, Tasha Klein) including: The Adirondack Review, Niederngasse, Conspire, Eclectica, Gumball Poetry, MindKites, The 2River View, Stirring.

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by Tasha

Long as a white dream
of narrow windows
and latticed shutters
hung so solemn

My mouth presses
into the gentle curved grasp
that hold the flowing curtains

Salt scented muscle
curve up thighs
to fruit on the windowsill
plump & pink as her night chest.

Steadfast Lovers Celebrating
by Tasha

We are too large for this small afternoon,
solid, part tree, your breath blooms
absurdly beautiful
I climb you
like rough bark -
forget sentimental skin,
suck your lips, those plump plums
lustful petals until that tiny bird
in the hallow of your neck
moves into the whites of your eye
and we cry
oh, how we cry!
that cry, a concerto
of rain on rock and bark
and a bucking pelvis

Clearwater Temple
by Tasha

In his grandma's basement
among web strung stacks
of newspaper & patio chairs,
Clearwater would smoke
while they played
a game called,
Sacrifice of the Bloom.

He was in love
with her every phrase,
sigh and movement of hands.

After she'd run home
for supper, he'd suck
the lipstick off of her cigarette
butts and pretend he was her
one and only man.

"Woman", "Steadfast Lovers Celebrating", "Clearwater Temple" Copyright © 2001 Tasha. All rights reserved. Do not Copy or Post.

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