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Cassandra Snow  has worked in various forms of expression over the years -- from writing poetry, to playwriting, dance, theatre and photography. She is a professional journalist and the author of two stage plays. She is currently seeking a publisher for her novel, Yogi Love which is scheduled for completion by the end of 2000. We are proud to add Cassandra to our staff in this issue. Check out her book reviews and sexual philosophy in her new column, The Literate Slut.

Glenn Beuhring's  delightful illustration, "Rain Dance" first appeared on-line at Venus or Vixen?
The Wave
by Cassandra Snow

-For Ricardo Villa Rael-

"Te amo, Mija. Te amo."
As he whispers gentle words of adoration,
I feel the thickness of his beard
Against the tenderness of my skin.
Intuitive caresses
Emerging from the intensity of his desire
Speak more clearly than his words.
Exploring every curve and valley,
He knows me by touch
And rides vicariously upon the wave
Of my own ecstasy.
My pulse quick --
My breath shallow --
I find myself losing my grasp
And cling to him in desperation.
Unable to resist,
I surrender myself
To the warmth of his breath,
To the moist caresses of his mouth,
To the manipulations of his fingers,
A strong yet tender touch.
"Let go, Mija," he breathes. "Let go."
My breath stolen.
Surrounded by a moment
Of motionless silence,
The wave crashes,
Uniting us within an ecstasy
That exceeds every anticipation,
Every taste of passion before known.
Resting upon the last enduring ebb,
He closes his eyes
And sighs.

"The Wave" Copyright © 2000 Cassandra Snow. All rights reserved. 
"Rain Dance" Copyright © 2000 Glenn Beuhring. All rights reserved. 

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