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Darcy Scanlon lives in South Boston, MA and has a greyhound who, unfortunately, cannot live with her. She works for the second-largest-alternative-weekly newspaper in the country. She has been published in Shallow End,This Magazine, Hail Muse, Scarlet Letters and Purple Prose. She once published her poetry at pathetic.org. Mind Caviar editorial staff was saddened to hear that pathetic.org, a major community of poets online, went down, all files were completely lost. They are slowly rebuilding their files and site, and we wish them well. 

The following poem is a Mind Caviar exclusive. 

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I am sweetest, love. 
Sudden and warm flows 
Pouring sparkling fountains of honey 
Dripping frantic or true. 
A million tongues 
Golden and light of will 
Drinking along the wrist’s river roll. 

I am sweetest, diamond love. 
Pooling oceans of honey for you. 
Thick and sticking against shores of thighs. 
Whirling adrift upon the rich flood 
A captive mouth spilling nectar 
Crashing through eyes. 

Feel me, rush, sweet and love, 
I am still as water 
Vespered in the sugar of 
Your sighs. 

Copyright © 2001 Darcy Scanlon. All rights reserved. 

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