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Brian Rosenberg is an Australian poet with a number of global small press publications and two locally published anthologies of his work-- many of those publications being socially or psychologically-based hard copy and on-line journals. He has a strong presence in several poetry sites across the Net writing under the pseudonym of Gecko, and acts as moderator, as well. About 65% of his writing is erotic, the remainder being on social and enviromental issues. He also has a series of three children's picture books due to come out in print at the end of 2002. 

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Touched by a Petal

The flowers in your yard will bend themselves
To kiss your lips,
Leaving hints of nectar
Like gloss stick
Sweet, upon your tongue.

Let the blooms fold gently around your breasts
Purple ones, lilac
Delicately, teasing nipples
With stamen tongues,
Dusting with rising passion,
Wanton sex.

Could the flowers purse themselves like lips?
Drawing in these receptive buds,
Clenching on them gently
As ivory teeth?

Take these petals and with them trace
Below the lift of your breasts as, your chest
Heaves up to greet, an intake of rushing air
That it cannot find.

These flowers be my mouth and fingers
Upon, your skin.
Taking from you all that covered
These hues that undulate for my eyes.
Unabashed, I covet your gentle moans
And let them fill
My nostrils, with their scent.

Pressed against your thigh I grow
As you reach and hold me, pulsing.
Growing like a dying star ready
To explode issuing
Forth a cloud of nebulas.

Take me to your mouth and I will drink me
From your lips so
We, might share a hunger again
Growing and
Your tongue I will revere.

Slide upon me your sugar syrups, dripping
On my face as
You shudder to the insertion
Of tendrils searching.
I will hook then and find
The base of tract ejection,
Rubbing firmly,
As I lap upon enkindled delicacy

Hoarsely, do you mention your agreement?
I was sure I heard a, “Yes!"

Take your leap astride me and live
Within the atmosphere of Venus and
I will remain as the flowers
Forming combustion
Upon epidermis heightened


Sexy Art for Sexy Poetry by Glenn Beuhring
"Touched by a Petal" Copyright © 2002 Brian Rosenberg. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.
llustration Copyright © 2002 Glenn Beuhring. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.
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