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Sabrina Qedesha is a regular contributor to Mind Caviar. Visit her column, Sabrina's Sacred Sex or read a discussion on polyamory with Jamie Joy Gatto in this issue's Features. She is also an author of sci-fi and fantasy as well as erotica, and of mystical and occult nonfiction. Her stories have appeared in Lost Worlds of SF and Fantasy and in Mind Caviar's A Bi-Friendly Place.  Her essays have appeared in The Sistrum and Zibaq!

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How to Fellate Like a Sacred Courtesan
by Sabrina Qedesha

I am the Goddess of phallus kissing
I am the generous one, the giver of pleasure
And I have passion in my soul
Which turns into electricity on the tip of my tongue

Do you feel it yet?

Not every Face of the Goddess is as generous as I am
But I have been put here to do this
It is the very reason the winds and dirt and water and flame
Have given me form

In my sacred efforts I am the rhythm of life
Hair swaying gently on your thighs,
Tongue dancing softly over your glans as if it was a sacred chant
You thank me by calling out the names of God
"Yeah!  Heh!  Oh!  Hah!"

For a brief span of time
The universe fades away, and it is just you and I
A mortal and the Goddess who favors him

You die a little death
And I make of you a sacrifice upon the altar of my tongue
Your fire and water lingers on my lips like a prayer

by Sabrina Qedesha

You are an artist,
Molding pleasure out of the clay that is my flesh;

With soft motions, your fingertips
Create new shapes of joy

Like an orator, you use your tongue
To speak eloquent words
Which burst from my throat as sounds of happiness

Your hair brushes gently to and fro
Over the canvas of my thighs
Painting a new color with every motion

The rhythm of your motion,
A cadence of wet warmth

You look up at me
And I see the Power in your eyes as you break me down and make me anew

"How to Fellate Like a Sacred Courtesan" and "Artist" Copyright © 2001 Sabrina Qedesha. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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