"Longing chains me." --Native American Song (circa 1883)

Mind Caviar, Vol. I Summer Issue, 2000

Poetry and Graphic Art

Foreplay  by Renee Marshall
"Lillith" Illustration by Glenn Beuhring

Dom Perignon  by Lady M.
"Dom Perignon" Illustration by Mia Jennings

Deportment  by Renton
A Poem of Delicious Victorian Grace

Eye Candy  by Aidan Baker
And Two Poems: "Presence" and "This is to All" 

No Dream This Dream  by Padma Thornlyre
And the Poem: "The First Time" 

Later in the Mirror  by Richard Cody
And Four Sensual Haiku 

O  by Bill Noble
"The Nymph" Illustration by Glenn Beuhring

The Wave  by Cassandra Snow
"Rain Dance" Illustration by Glenn Beuhring

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"Twilight's Mistress" Graphic Art Copyright © 2000 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved. Model: J. Gatto.
Copyright © 2000 Mind Caviar. All rights reserved. Mind Caviar is a trademark of Two Blondes Productions.