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Padma Jared Thornlyre's  erotic work has appeared in Yellow Silk and EIDOS and electronically in Juice, Yoni and Sauce Box. Two of his first three books, My Guru, My Midwife and Angel Flesh remain in print and are available through Amazon.com. More of his poetry will appear in the upcoming Long Hand Press anthology, On Fried Bread and Poetry.

No Dream This Dream
by Padma Jared Thornlyre

Your tongue too wet, and warm, to wake me, thaw
My dream the roar of melt; distorted shore,

Jag-pebbled, twists, convulses, palpitates,

It currents sinewy, locked limbs in spray,
A fragile skin of moss on boulders arched

Toward foam, a hunger, aspens shake their blonde
Spring tresses, stay asleep, you whisper, black
The sweep across my eyes, your hair's black frond

Sweeps back across my eyes, a frond adores
My lips, your lips of breath commanding dream,

The dream your vulva's tongue; downstream, my glans

A purple trout, the flood, no dream this dream,
We sleep like this- are stuck when we awake.

The First Time
by Padma Jared Thornlyre

...coursing like saliva
to graze the plummet's eye,
the wed the coarse plume,

to web and pool into
a pearl inside your navel,
clear and white like ouzo

iced; mesmerized
by what I'd memorized
by marriage, I didn't know I'd

come until your plea,
Oh no, not yet, jarred me.

dam of avatars-
glittering lips my tongue
knew better than its own,

candle-glaze careen
across the blackest hair
I'd seen, and I transfixed,

dissolved by sheer allure,
perhaps your scent, the feral
divine, the mere knowledge...

Copyright © 2000 Padma Jared Thornlyre. All rights reserved. 

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