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Duncan Molony is a New Orleans poet who is inspired by beauty and romance. He often makes local appearances as a celebrity bartender, although his nights of full-time barkeeping have ended. Instead, he spends his days in technical work and his nights dreaming of love. While we usually publish poetry of a more sexually graphic nature, spring has inspired us to publish Mr. Molony's sweet, romantic verse. Allow the sensuality to surface from the subtext and submerge yourself in the flow of his words.

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Water of Life
by Duncan Molony

All the water which is the life within me is a stagnant pool 
without the fire from the sun to bring it to life.

The mist of the morning dew-fall still coats the landscape of my mind,
Refreshing my thoughts and clarifying my intentions.
The steam after a summer afternoon rain seeps from the quenched surface of my heart,
Soothing my desires and fruiting my love.
The sweat from an icy glass escapes from the skin of my soul,
Cleansing my life and renewing my dreams.

The light of the breaking day stirs the life within my thoughts,
Refreshing my creativity and clarifying my focus
The heat from the midday star enflames my deepest desires,
Soothing my deficiencies and fruiting my efforts.
The intensity of a setting day enriches my life,
Cleansing my existence and renewing my zest.

From the world within my heart I bring to life the reality of my love.
She is the one from which and for which all is to be.
So, to her, I willingly surrender the water which is me.

The Breath
by Duncan Molony

The soft penetrating glow of a moon-lit sky calms my mind and soothes my
Soul with the caring warmth and guiding light reflected from the 
Golden Orb - 
Yet, a thought of you when you are out of sight dims to insignificance 
The brightest moonlight.
When you are with me my eyes shimmer in the presence of your elegant form,
My body yearns for the fiery passions of your touch,
And my soul explodes with unmatched joy when the words cross your perfectly sculpted lips…


"The Water of Life" and "The Breath" Copyright © 1998-2001 Duncan Molony. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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