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Mia Jennings is our talented staff artist and a regular contributor to Mind Caviar. Her poetry has been recorded by and published on numerous occasions by the International Society of Poets.  She's been published in their Outstanding Poets for 1998 Anthology, and in Poet's Elite, Best Poets For the Year 2000, forthcoming. Her work has appeared in The Famous Poet's Society, The Iliad Press, Sparrowgrass Poetry, The Phoenix Press, Lightverse.com and Webpoets.org. Mia offfers her illustration, "Marionette" to complement the accompanying poem.

Visit Mia's Erotic Art Portfolio on-line.

by Mia Jennings

I've slept for an eternity
On a bed of roses
Waiting for you to awaken my senses
To arouse my sweet soul

Kiss me
And I'll be yours

Undress me
And I'll stand naked before you

Touch me
And I'll melt into your arms

Lick me
And I'll transcend into your favorite flavor

Penetrate me with your touch
And I'll become your puppet
On a string of orgasms

Flick your hand and move a finger
Watch me arch my back with ecstasy

Spread my legs and twirl your tongue
Hear me moan with bliss

Become the Master of my soul
Play with me
Use the puppet strings to tie me up
Until I'm helpless
Until I'm vulnerable
Until I'm completely yours

Place your virility in my mouth
I want to know just how you taste
Make me stop just before you cum

Now place it
So deep
Into me

Thrust in and out
Rock back and forth
Pound with force
As does a hammer to a nail

Make me cum a million times
Until I scream for mercy
I shed tears from your intensity
I collapse into your arms
Like a marionette after the show

And just when I think its over
Make me cum back for an encore
Until I collapse once again
Quivering with a smile
In your embrace

Pull the covers over me
Tuck my weak body in
Kiss me on each eye lid
Kiss me on the tip of my nose
Kiss me softly on my lips
Then tell me that you'll play
Again tomorrow
Before you say good night.

copyright mia jennings 2001

"Marionette" Poem Copyright © 2000-2001 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.
"Marionette" Graphic Illustration © 2000-2001 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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