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Trevor Landers poetry has been published widely in New Zealand and overseas and he was the founding editor of The Third Degree and the founding director of The Zealot Press. He lives in an idyllic spot in Eastbourne, New Zealand surrounded by verdant native bush which he says is "ideal for reflection, rumination and writing". Landers has published poetry in Mind Caviar Spring 2002.

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Bon Nuit

Feigning, a lack of familarity
    with the French tongue
       her incantations drift by me
           I ask her to translate but....
    she renders it, ripe and ribald
  "je voudrais te baiser pour la nuit,
        endormir en tes mains, caresser ton cou
   avec mes levres et sucer ton coq voluptueuxse... bon nuit"
         she tells me to guess or translate it myself later
               but no translation is needed.

"Bon Nuit" Copyright © 2002 Trevor Landers. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

Going to the Cinema, Helsinki

we spent the afternoon
         wandering the streets of Helsinki
 after making love in the morning
      in the sun, on the the sofa

tickets in hand
      you lead me into the women's cubicles
      lipstick-rouged nipples
 worked velveteen lips to turn
    your flaming auburn hair bobbing in my lap...

   We faded in a slow, mute exaltation
     and left
        a silence sounding like
the credits rolling up the screen

"Going to the Cinema, Helsinki" Copyright © 2002 Trevor Landers. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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