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Lady M  has had a passion for reading and writing poetry ever since she was sixteen. She enjoys writing in a myriad of poetic realms, such as the philosophical and erotica. Her written words have been read by many, and have been published in numerous high school, international, small press and e-zine anthologies, as well as heard on radio shows. She enjoys writing poetry because she is able to capture significant moments in time, a philosophical story, or a portrait of raw emotions within several written lines of creative imagery.

The following poem is written in the formal style sestina. One of the most difficult and complex of the various French forms, the sestina is a poem consisting of six six-line stanzas and a three-line envoy. It makes no use of the refrain. This form is usually unrhymed, the effect of rhyme being taken over by a fixed
pattern of end-words which demands that these end-words in each stanza be the same, though arranged in a different sequence each time. We applaud Lady M. for her erotic use of such a controlled art form!

Mia Jennings, our talented Staff Artist adds her interpretational illustration below.

Dom Perignon
by Lady M.

It was an erotic night - a sultry eventide,
When lips sipped upon the aged fruits of ecstasy,
A moment when Dom Perignon transcended into Domme Perignon,
An hour when I became the Dominant, and a Dom my submissive,
A minute when my fantasies unraveled and my dreams were explored,
An evening when I hungered for my submissive with lust and desire.

With confidence I firmly requested that he submit to my desires,
My appetite felt surreal that starlit eventide,
My hands roamed upon his skin to explore,
Teasing him with my whip until I heard his cries of ecstasy;
And after I spanked my naughty submissive,
I ended his punishment with kisses laced with  Domme Perignon.

And with those intoxicating droplets of Domme Perignon,
I permitted him to unleash his hidden desires,
Whispering with kink and question, "Do you like this, my submissive?"
He answered, "Yes, my Mistress." He was all mine! that delightful eventide,
I spanked him again until I heard his whimpers of ecstasy,
Before I retrieved my black leather bag filled with toys, and explored.

"Oh my, what have we in here? " Questioned my wicked thoughts while I explored,
Feeling a bit tipsy from the Dom Perignon;
For I had pleasured myself with numerous sips of ecstasy,
And had become intoxicated with my thirsty desire,
I was to play Domme that slightly, drunken eventide,
And the man who began the night as Dom, my helpless submissive.

I found my favorite spanking tool for my sweet submissive,
It was my cat o' nine tails which I rapaciously desired;
Then I laughed a wicked, little laugh that moonlit eventide,
It was difficult to choose which intoxicated me more, kink or Perignon?
Or maybe I was just drunk on my lust and desire,
Or possibly my numerous sips of his sweat and ecstasy.

I am almost sure it must have been his sweat and ecstasy,
Because I felt so high spanking my sweet submissive,
And intoxicated with my carnal desires;
For it was a new arena of sensuality and discipline to explore,
A new dimension unlocked by the bubbly waters of Dom Perignon,
Another location hidden within our fantasies that sinful eventide.

This fantasy we explored had been guided by our sensual desires,
Which brought us to a higher level of ecstasy on that hot and kinky eventide,
A night when I became the Domme in the Perignon, and the Dom my submissive.

"Dom Perignon" Poem Copyright © 2000 Lady M. All rights reserved.
"Dom Perignon" Illustration Copyright © 2000 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved.

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