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john e  was born in New York and lives in California. His writing has appeared/appears/will appear on line at Ophelia's Muse, Erotica Readers Association, CleanSheets, Sauce*Box, Adult Story Corner, ENE and other sites. He works at a winery. He thanks you for reading him.

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light lunch still life

indecent pear, smooth-creased heavy bottom
firmly resting on artichoke petal,
smeared by a skinned mango, juicy orange
coating dull yellow, dripping over grapes
popped into sight, brief yet hard complete gasps
sweet both inside and out, a velvet peach
curving perfectly, invites my fingers
to taste the touch of its near-phantom fuzz,
sense how incongruity can arouse,
down in places where a delicacy is made
from skin, flesh, pit, seed, and fruit hair; i see
strawberries waiting to stain, their green caps
will enjoy my pinch, diverse sweetnesses
to savor, some soft-cored, some boldly-firm,
each - even the smallest - splashed by mango
squeezed over the bowl: yours a new technique.
you've split the so brazen red slut apple,
it's propped up and waiting, exposed to me.
must i nibble and suck her right away,
bite and chew before her sweetness can spoil?
you sprinkle salt. it will be sweet a while,
and salty-sweet when eaten. mango squeeze
over all once more. you lick your fingers.
two dark little berries, only the two -
i see them; my mouth waters suddenly.
unripe banana peeled, placed above all,
curving hard over voluptuous bowl, 
everything sticky already, crazy
artist squeezing juicy mango, meaning
an interactive art, for both of us:
your aggressive drip, my reflective licks.
but not yet. lust look a while. work of art. 
you beat fresh cream as i watch. then we eat. 

Copyright © 2001 john e. All rights reserved. 

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