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Mia Jennings is our poetry editor at Mind Caviar. Her poetry has been recorded by and published on numerous occasions by the International Society of Poets.  She's been published in their Outstanding Poets for 1998 Anthology, and in Poet's Elite, Best Poets For the Year 2000, forthcoming. Besides writing and editing poetry for Mind Caviar, her work has appeared in The Famous Poet's Society, The Iliad Press, Sparrowgrass Poetry, The Phoenix Press, Lightverse.com and Webpoets.org.

Mon Chocolat
by Mia Jennings

I knew it was destiny
From the moment I saw you
In that corner market store
Where Second Avenue and Johnson meet.

You appeared so vulnerable
And unprotected from my grasp
So tempting to the tip of my tongue
So sweet to the appetite of my soul.

I knew then that I must have you
For I craved you…
So intensely…

No longer could I resist your temptation
So I took you into my hands
So gently…

Admiring the way you looked
So deliciously…

Soon, I unwrapped you
So slowly…

I wanted your darkness exposed to my eyes
And your delicious scent to my nose
As well as to feel your milky smoothness
Against my roaming fingertips
So methodically…

Next I preyed on you
With my hungry eyes
And made you wait with anticipation
So nervously…

You wondered
When I was going  to taste your soul
So submissively…

For moments I let you wait
So defenselessly…

Until my mouth nibbled upon your sweetness
So sinfully…

I savored you for as long as I could
Until I could no longer wait to eat you
So rapaciously…

All of you…
So completely…

And when I indulged in you
It felt like sheer ecstacy
For my sin for you was like no other
When you melted upon my tongue
So lusciously…

After I devoured you
Indulged in you
And even gratified in you
So pleasurably…

I smiled
With complacency
Licking my lips
Ridding myself of any evidence
You were ever there
So secretively…

And now that you're gone
I long for you once again
So desperately…

I will crave you
Forever for an eternity…

Pour je ne pas pouvoir résister le goût de tu
Mon bonbon chocolat

For I can't resist the taste of you
My sweet chocolate.

"Mon Chocolat" Copyright © 2000 Mia Jennings. All rights reserved. Do not copy or post.

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